Wagner Flexio 570 vs 590 Paint Sprayer: Which Is Better?

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When it comes to HVLP sprayers, very few in my opinion offer better power and control than the Wagner Flexio series. The two stars of this series are the Wagner Flexio 570 Paint Sprayer and the Wagner Flexio 590 Paint Sprayer.

Today, we’re going to pit the Wagner Flexio 570 vs the 590 and go over these two paint sprayers and compare their capabilities. We will briefly discuss their history, similarities and differences, and provide you with a detailed list of the features that each machine has.

Lastly, we will detail which one of the two comes out on top as the superior option. Both brands have a lot to offer, but we want to ensure that we leave you with the top performer between the two. 

Before we begin our analysis of the Wagner Flexio 570 vs the 590, it can help to give you a brief introduction as to what HVLP sprayers are. With this background knowledge, you will be better prepared to understand how they compare to one another. 

What are HVLP Paint Sprayers?

HVLP, or high-volume-low-pressure sprayers are a very unique kind of machine. Unlike airless and air-based sprayers, whose power and versatility are based on how much pressure it can build, HVLP sprayers utilize a large volume of air to aerosolize the materials it is spraying.

The large volume of air reduces overspray when your are spraying onto selected projects. Also, depending on how powerful the machine is, you can utilize unthinned as well as thinned materials to create superior finishes. 

Different Types Of HVLP Sprayers

HVLP sprayers are separated into two classes: conversion sprayers and dedicated. Conversion sprayers require an air compressor in order to operate them, but dedicated sprayers utilize an internal turbine to create the airflow and aerosolize the materials it is using.

The Wagner Flexio 570 and 590 are both dedicated sprayers, and as such they are both easy to transport and are lightweight. These models are actually considered airless because they are not taking their air from an outside source. Moreover, they are similar to airless brands in their lightweight nature and ability to produce superior finishes.

Similarities between the Wagner Flexio 570 vs 590

The Wagner Flexio 570 & 590 are actually very similar machines. As we stated earlier, they are part of the same series of HVLP sprayers and, as you can guess by the numbers, the 570 is the predecessor of the 590.

To make things simple, the Wagner Flexio 590 is the upgraded version of the 570. However, we want to share with you some similarities between the two by giving you a detailed list of the universal pros and cons of these machines. 

Universal Pros

  • X-Booster Turbine – The powerhouse behind these machines is the specially designed X-Booster Turbine. This turbine produces 3x the power of standard models, and can finish jobs 8x – 10x faster than brushing. Moreover, the 65,000+ RPM that the turbine generates means you can use thinned and unthinned materials. Both these products create superior finishes on your paint and staining jobs.
  • iNozzle Sprayer – The second key feature that they both have is patented iNozzle Spray technology. This sprayer allows for 60% more airflow than standard brands. As such, it allows you to cover large areas and distances, allowing for use on ceilings. In addition, the sprayer comes with a 2-way adjuster that allows you to change the direction and width of paint flow.
  • Lightweight – Both machines are very lightweight and easy to control. Even with paint sprayers, spraying jobs can sometimes take a while to finish. Their lightweight nature allows you to work with this machine for many hours without worrying about exhausting yourself.
  • Highly Durable – Durability is often ignored when it comes to paint sprayers, but it is extremely important. The last thing you want to worry about is an accidental breakage that will halt your progress while painting. These models are made with non-wearable parts, allowing it to withstand heavy blows and resist wear-and-tear damage.

Universal Cons

  • Being relatively less expensive paint sprayers, these two products might not come with all the bells and whistles as other options out there in the market. Check out our article on the best paint sprayers we have reviewed.

Differences Between the Wagner Flexio 570 vs 590

As you can see, there are a lot of similarities between the two. However, as we stated earlier, the Wagner Flexio 590 IS the upgraded version of the 570. As such, we’re going to take the time to highlight these key differentiating features.

  • Speed – The first of these key differences lies in the speed of the two models. The 570 can finish jobs faster than brushing does, while the 590 is a bit faster than the 570. This might sound like an insignificant difference, but remember what we talked about earlier with paint sprayers and time. Because they are so much faster than brushing you might be inclined to handle large scale jobs that, with brushing, might take an entire day to accomplish. With either model, a 24-hour brush job would only take a few hours. With that said, for every hour that you spend with the 570, you only spend 48 minutes with the 590. Using the brush project example above that would take 24 hours to complete, the 570 would take 3 hours. While this is impressive, the 590 would finish the project in less than 2.5 hours. So the speed difference is very significant when it comes to large-scale jobs.

  • Speed Settings – In addition to the difference in speed is the difference in speed settings. The 570 comes with 2 speed settings, and as such, you can adjust to high speed for use on hard materials and low speed to work on delicate and thin materials. These two settings are very useful, but the 590 has 5x as many settings with 10. As a result, the depth of control is substantially higher with the 590, allowing you to work at nearly any speed you want. They are both powerful and fast, but the 590 is just more powerful and allows for even greater control.

  • Fine Finish Nozzle – Both sprayers are generally meant for larger projects as their power is not really designed for precision jobs. However, both machines have the capacity to utilize the Fine Finish Nozzle that Wagner supplies in the package. This nozzle allows the user to perform precision paint jobs with these machines. However, the 570 does not include this with their model while the 590 does. As such, the 590 allows you to do the large-scale jobs while having a precision tool that allows to optimize your work.

With these differences in play, the Wagner Flexio 590 is packing a markedly bigger punch than the 570 does. However, before you make a decision on which one is superior for your needs, we will give you a proper look at each one separately so you can be sure of which one is right for you.

Features of the Wagner Flexio 570 vs 590

Now that you have an idea of how these models compare to one another, we’re going to go into a detailed overview of the 570 and 590 separately.

Wagner Flexio 570 Paint Sprayer

The 570 is a top-of-line HVLP that offers unmatched speed, power and control. In order to accomplish this, the 570 comes equipped with special features that focus on the following qualities:

  • Power & Speed
  • Adjustability
  • Durability
  • Weight

Pros & Cons

You have already been introduced to some of the pros and cons of these items but we want to make sure that you are fully aware of them for this particular model.


  • X-Booster Turbine allows you to work with thinned and unthinned materials alike
  • Lightweight and transportable
  • Durable
  • 2 Speed settings for working with heavy-duty or delicate surfaces
  • iNozzle Spray With 2-way adjustability
  • Finishes jobs 8x faster than brushing


  • Potential clogging if instructions not followed correctly


The benefits that the 570 offers come down to its features, and this model provides features that are designed to satisfy your painting requirements.

Power & Speed

The 570 is well-known for its power and speed. It allows you to finish paint jobs 8x faster than brushing, able to cover an 8′ x 10′ area in less than 5 minutes. The secret behind this speed and power are Wagner’s 2 patented technologies: the iNozzle Sprayer and X-Booster Turbine.

The X-Booster Turbine is an extremely powerful system that is 3x more powerful than standard HVLP sprayers. At 65,000 RPM, you can easily work with both thinned and unthinned materials.

In addition to this, the iNozzle spray technology allows for 60% more airflow within the machine. These two technologies ensure that you not only can work with a vast array of materials, but that you can use them to create superior finishes in record time.


On top of the power that the 570 has, the Wagner offers an impressive degree of adjustment options. You can adjust the speed to high for heavy-duty materials or low for delicate surfaces. This ensures that you can use this machine on a variety surfaces without fear of damage.

The adjustment options don’t stop however, as the iNozzle Sprayer contains a 2-way adjustment option. This option allows you to change the direction of your paint flow (horizontal or vertical) and the width of your flow. These adjustments give you a large degree of control that also allows you to minimize waste.


As a dedicated sprayer, this machine is lightweight and transportable. Combined with the low-pressure nature of this sprayer, the 570 is extremely easy to control and won’t wear you out when you use it for long periods of time.


Having a durable machine is important for two reasons. First, having a machine that is resistant to external damage means that you can still rely on it if you accidentally drop it. Secondly, durability means that your machine can withstand the wear-and-tear that comes with using it.

The 570 is made with non-wearable parts, causing this machine to be extremely durable and long-lasting. Even if you drop it several times, you won’t have to worry about an untimely break or malfunction ruining your paint projects.

Added Benefits of the Wagner Flexio 590 Paint Sprayer

We won’t spend a lot of time here re-hashing the identical points. The pros and cons of this machine are quite similar, and it would be a waste of time to have you re-read the same information.

Instead, we are going to highlight where the 590 stands apart from the 570.

Speed & Adjustability

We highlighted this earlier, but the 590 is decidedly faster than the 570. It finishes jobs 10x faster than brushing, which means that it takes 48 minutes to accomplish what the 570 can accomplish in an hour.

Not only is it faster, but it also provides far more control over the speed settings than the 570 does. With 10 speed settings, this model can actually be more helpful at reducing overspray and clogging.

Fine Finish Nozzle

One of the issues with HVLP sprayers is that the more powerful models are not very good for precision. In fact, both the 570 and 590 are primarily meant for large-scale projects and are not recommended for jobs that require direct precision.

However, with the Fine Finish Nozzle, the 590 comes equipped with a tool that allows you to work with fine-tuned precision as well. In combination with the advanced speed settings, you can actually use this model for small furniture and to create even more precise finishes in hard-to-reach spots.

Carrying Case

The final standout feature is the carrying case that comes with the 590. While the machine is already easily transported, the carrying case ensures that you have an easy time moving your machine from place to place.


Now that you have seen what these two models have to offer, it’s up to you to decide which one is right for you. In terms of performance, the 590 is a clear favorite. Even though the 570 is a very adequate machine, the 590 is a true upgrade that provides more control, more power and more versatility.

With that said, the 590 is more expensive. While the added power and versatility is useful, you may not really need these additions for the projects you want to take on. If you aren’t planning on taking this machine outside of your home then you might not need a carrying case. A Fine Finish Nozzle might be useless if you have no need for heightened precision, and you can get one for the 570 after the fact if you really decide you need one.

However, for only a bit extra, the 590’s upgrades seem pretty worth it. If we had to choose between the two, we would recommend the 590. However, both models are very good at what they do, and you can’t really go wrong either way!



Ryan is a writer for ToolboxAdvice.com. He's been a hobbyist and painter for a long time, and now enjoys teaching others. His content primarly focuses on reviews and guides for painters and construction professionals.

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