Graco Paint Sprayer X5 vs X7 2021 (Product Review)

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Result Summary

Best Overall: Graco Magnum X7

“Sturdy and dependable – The best unit in the Graco X series”

Best Budget: Graco Magnum X5

Great option for those on a budget who need a sprayer with a stand”


Today we are going to be comparing the Graco Paint Sprayer X5 vs X7 from the Magnum-X series. We will be looking at the Graco Magnum X5 and the Graco Magnum X7 separately, and then taking an in-depth look at how these brands stack up against one another.

First, we will take a look at the identical strengths and weaknesses of these machines. From there, we will look at their differences, weighing in on the practical value of the Magnum X7’s upgrades. Then, we will share a look at each machines’ primary features and will conclude on which of these machines truthfully provides a superior painting experience.

Graco Paint Sprayer X5 vs X7 – Comparison

Before we begin, it helps to give a brief history of these machines. As we stated earlier the Graco Magnum X5 is the first of the two Magnum-X airless paint sprayers. The Graco Magnum X7 is the successor to the X5, and like many successor models, it has additional features that are meant to enhance the previous version (X5).

In many cases, successor models will often have clear advantages over the previous model. This is no different with the X5 and the X7; there are upgrades on the X7 that clearly stand ahead of the X5. However, as we go further into the differences between the two, you will get to see that these upgrades might not be universally more beneficial to interested DIY painters.

Universal Pros & Cons

Like many models that come from the same manufacturer, the X5 and X7 have features that are identical to one another. As such, here’s a look at the features and benefits that the two brands have in common.

Universal Pros

  • Highly Durable & Versatile – Both of these machines are highly durable, which is important in order to support the 3,000 psi pressure that the machines exert. The Stainless Steel Piston Pump and SG2 spray gun allows you to spray unthinned paints and materials at high pressures.

    In addition, the included 25-foot Duraflex hose allows you to work directly from a 1 – 5 gallon bucket, making setup and working both easier and more manageable.

  • Pressure Adjustments – Both machines have fully-adjustable pressure settings that allow you to work with both durable and delicate painting surfaces. Many airless sprayers are too powerful for delicate surfaces, so having this feature enhances your capacity to work on a variety of different projects.

  • Power Flush Adapter – One of the worst aspects of painting is cleaning up. The previously mentioned features are all very helpful in reducing the mess that you have to clean in your painting area. However, the Power Flush Adapter allows you connect your sprayer to a gardening hose that will clean your sprayer in seconds!

  • RAC IV Switch Tip – Another common issue with airless sprayers is clogging. Clogging can delay your jobs with its ability to stop paint flow. However, the RAC IV Switch Tip allows you to reverse the spray tip so that you can continue to spray in the event of a clog.

Universal Cons

  • Overspray – Airless paint sprayers use intense pressures in order to spray their work. The intense pressure can lead to overspray, which both these models help remedy with their adjustable pressure settings. However, these models are still prone to overspray and even clogging in spite of the RAC IV Switch Tip.

  • Low-use Models – These models have a maximum recommended use of 125 gallons per year. As such, these models cater to homeowners, small-level contract work, or anyone who needs to perform large-scale painting jobs a few times a year. It is not suited for frequent use, so professionals would not want these particular sprayers.

Differences: Graco Paint Sprayer X5 vs X7

Now that you have seen how these two are identical, let’s take a look at the differences between them. These differences will highlight how the Graco Magnum X7 adds extra power, speed, and utility to the previous Graco Magnum X5. However, we will also see how some of these differences may actually favor choosing the X5.

  • Power & Speed – Both models have a maximum pressure of 3,000 psi, but the X7 has a superior range of output and power behind it. The X5 has a .5 horsepower engine, while the X7 has a 5/8 horsepower engine.

    This power actually allows the X7 to not only out-spray the X5’s .24 gal/min with a .31 gal/min output, but it also allows the machine to have a 100-foot hose capacity. The X5 supports a 75-foot hose, so this additional power provides multiple levels of benefits for the X7 if you feel the need to move more freely.

  • Utility & Weight– One additional feature that the X7 has is the inclusion of a wheeled cart. The X7 is heavier than the X5 so this is a nice added feature, although much of that added weight can be attributed to the included cart. However, the cart gives you the ability to carry both the sprayer and the paint bucket it is pulling from with ease.

    This can be extremely convenient for people with back or joint problems, but also helps with managing the paint buckets in a big way. A 5-gal bucket of paint can be pretty heavy, so this added feature does provide a great deal of utility.

    Alternatively, the X5 does come with a durable stand that allows you to easily hold the machine. While it isn’t as convenient as the cart, it may not make sense to purchase the X7 for that reason alone when you consider the last big difference: price.

  • Price – As we can see, the X7 has some clear advantages over the X5. However, when it comes to price, the X5 is clearly less expensive. The Magnum X7 is over $70 more than the X5 is, and with such a price raise, you have to take into consideration whether these upgrades are worth it for your needs.

    While a convenient cart might be very helpful, many people who would use these painters do not have jobs that require them to move around a lot. As such, the need to move around a bucket may not be very necessary, and the X5 is already very lightweight. The same can be said for the hose length; that extra 25-feet might not be necessary when all you want to do is spray your bedroom walls.

    Moreover, the X7 and X5 both have the same recommended yearly use. If the X7 increased the gal/year to 200, then the X7 might have be a clear favorite over the X5. But this gap in price actually makes the X5 far more comparable in value to the X7.

Magnum X5 vs Magnum X7 – Quick Review

We have already given you a pretty good idea of what the features for each of these machines are. However, to give you a clear summary of what the features are for each machine, let’s take a look at each one separately.

Graco Magnum X5

  • Control
  • Versatility
  • Durability
  • Efficiency

Graco Magnum X5: Features

As we stated before, the conviction behind the Magnum’s benefits rest on the features it includes. These features are what allow you to work with it so easily, and why the Magnum X5 is such a popular choice among DIY painters.

The Magnum X5 is an ideal machine for tackling your household painting projects with ease and efficiency. The X5 focuses on providing features that focus on the following factors:

  • Control & Power – The X5 comes with a .5 horsepower engine and a .24 gal/min spraying speed. Despite the power, you can fully adjust the pressure settings so that you can work on both durable and delicate painting surfaces alike.

  • Versatility – The previous features do a lot to help the versatility of this machine. In addition, the stainless steel piston pump gives you the capacity to spray unthinned materials at high pressures. This machine also comes with a 75-foot hose capacity that allows you to easily use this machine on large areas that require mobility.

  • Efficiency – The Magnum X5 has a number of features to help you increase your efficiency with both painting and cleaning. The Power Flush Adapter can be attached to a gardening hose, allowing you to clean your machine in seconds. In addition, the RAC IV Switch Tip allows you to reverse the spraying tip so you can spray in the event of a clog.

    Airless sprayers can be a hassle to set up. To help you with quick and easy set up, the X5 includes an instructional DVD with the sprayer. The Duraflex tube allows you to also spray directly from a 1 to 5 gallon bucket, minimizing mess and set up even further.

  • Durability – We’ve mentioned the importance of durability already, and SG2 spray gun comes built to withstand the high pressure spraying for a long time to come.


  • Instructional DVD for quick and easy setup
  • 75-foot hose capacity
  • Power Flush Adapter cleans the painter in seconds
  • Lightweight
  • Stainless steel design


  • Only meant for occasional use
  • Can clog and overspray

Graco Magnum X7

The Graco Magnum X7 can perform all the jobs the X5 can, but gives you added speed, power and mobility that stands above its already high-performing predecessor. Like the X5, the X7’s features will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Control
  • Versatility
  • Efficiency

We won’t include durability here, as it is identical to the X5.

Graco Magnum X7: Features

  • Versatility – The X7 comes with an even greater hose capacity at 100 feet, which is considerably higher than its predecessor. Moreover, the carrying cart gives you the freedom to transport this machine more easily and more quickly as you perform your tasks.

    In addition, the X7 has a maximum tip size of .017 in. over the X5’s .015 in. tip size.

  • Efficiency – The Magnum X7 includes the same Power Flush Adapter that assures you quick clean up times and RAC IV Switch Tip for clogging prevention. There is also the same instructional DVD.

    Airless sprayers can be a hassle to set up. To help you with quick and easy set up, the X7 includes an instructional DVD with the sprayer. The Duraflex tube allows you to also spray directly from a 1 to 5 gallon bucket. This feature helps to minimize mess and setup even further.

    The key difference here is the carrying cart that the machine comes with. This cart allows you to carry the paint sprayer and the paint bucket you are using. This is extremely useful when it comes to large projects that require you to move the bucket and the sprayer at the same time.


  • Instructional DVD for quick and easy setup
  • 100-foot hose capacity
  • Power Flush Adapter cleans your machine in seconds
  • Highly durable design for use with thin and unthinned paints and materials
  • Carrying cart allows you to carry the machine and paint buckets without lifting
  • Increased spraying power and speed over the X5


  • Only meant for occasional use
  • Considerably more expensive than the X5
  • Can clog and overspray

Conclusion: Graco Paint Sprayer X5 vs X7

As we stated before, the X7 has clear upgrades that put it ahead of the X5 in terms of performance. The carrying cart is a big feature that can be irreplaceable to many DIY painters.

However, the price difference places the X7 in a situation where we cannot clearly recommend that you purchase it over the X5. This is due primarily to their identical usage capacity, which stands at 125 gal/year.

Since you aren’t getting more capacity out of the X7, you should look into purchasing the X7 only if the upgrades satisfy your needs more than the X5. The X5 has a 25-foot disadvantage in hose capacity. But it still allows you more than enough length to get a great deal of your jobs done. If you don’t require an extra 25 feet, then it would be unwise to spend the additional money.

Also, remember that the X5 and X7 both come with the same size hose. They have different hose capacities, but longer hoses will need to be purchased separately. So with a feature like this, you would need to spend even more money to capitalize on it.

Whether or not the X7 is a better choice will come down to your needs. If your painting jobs don’t require the extra features that the X7 has, then its best to get the X5. The X5 is still lightweight and has comparable power and speed that will satisfy most DIY-painting needs. However, if you have larger scale projects in mind, then the X7 provides substantial upgrades that makes those jobs even easier to perform.



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