Best Reciprocating Saws of 2021 (Review and Guide)

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In a Rush? Here’s the 3 best reciprocating saws that our team thought you may be interested in depending on your budget and the quality you require.

Best Overall Pick

Skil 9206-02 7.5 Amp Variable Speed Reciprocating Saw

Our team’s top pick is the Skil 9206-02, it offers a ton of great features at a price point any one can afford. Additionally, liked it for it’s 7.5 amp motor, exchangeable blades (without the use of tools!), and variable speed.

Best Budget:

BLACK+DECKER BDCR20C 20V MAX Reciprocating Saw

“A great cordless reciprocating saw that provides all the power and control you could need.”

Best Value:

DEWALT Reciprocating Saw (DCS380B) 20-Volt MAX Li-Ion

“The Dewalt reciprocating saw is a great tool for the contractor or homeowner who needs cordless functionality, and the ability to personalize their blade position.”

Overview – Best Reciprocating Saws

A reciprocating saw is a type of power tool that utilizes a saw and a back and forth motion to allow users to cut through material. They typically are built with a long blade and foot that allow you to easily use the tool while cutting vertically, such as when you are working with wood studs, pvc piping, or fitting windows.

When it comes to power supply, there are two options, corded or cordless reciprocating saws, each tend to have their own pro’s and con’s so we’ll leave that for another post. Additionally, you will find that each model may include different features, such as adjustable speed, additional power, changeable blades, and ergonomic handles. 

These tools are most commonly used by contractors, construction workers and window fitters, though they are also suitable for the home DIYer depending on the project. With all that being said, let’s check out some of what we think are the top models on the market.

The 10 Best Reciprocating Saws with Reviews

1. Skil 9206-02 7.5 Amp Variable Speed Reciprocating Saw

Weight: 8.46 lbs

Power Source: corded / electric

Stroke Length: 1 ⅛ inches

Speed (SPM): 800 – 2,700 strokes per minute

Product Review

The Skil 9206-02 is a homeowners dream, not only is the saw exceptionally affordable, but it also comes packed with a ton of features that will come in handy. These features include a powerful motor, exchangeable blades, a counterbalance to ensure comfort during extended periods of use, and variable speed, all specs typically found on more expensive saws.

If you have some light construction or landscaping projects around the house, this tool will cut through wood branches, pvc pipe, and 2×4’s with ease. At its current online price we think it’s a tough choice to go wrong with.


  • Great price for a powerful, feature-packed tool
  • Solid 7.5 amp motor provides ample cutting power
  • Built to make exchanging blades easy, without the requirement of tools
  • A dial to set your preferred speed
  • Saw features a counter balance to offset vibrations


  • Does not include a carrying case
  • Power of the motor may not be sufficient for professional construction workers
  • Includes a cord, which depending on your preferences, could be a negative

2. BLACK+DECKER BDCR20C 20V MAX Reciprocating Saw

Weight: 3.9 lbs

Power Source: cordless / 20-volt lithium battery

Stroke Length: ⅞ inches

Speed (SPM) : 0 – 3000 strokes per minute 

Product Review

The Black+Decker BDCR20C is one of the top cordless reciprocating saws on our list and for great reason. Not only does it feature adjustable speed settings, a rechargeable 20v lithium battery and a lightweight design, but it also includes an adjustable pivoting shoe. This gives the user additional control, which is great when you are cutting in peculiar or harder to reach places (which is often the case with reciprocating saws).

Overall, this is a great cordless power saw that should meet your needs. Additionally, the tool comes with a 2 years manufacturer’s warranty so you can rest assured knowing the company has your back in case an issue with your tool potentially arises.


  • Design and size make it light-weight (4.5lbs) and easy to use
  • Includes variable speed, allowing you to adjust the tool to your preferences
  • No tools required to change the blades on the unit
  • Battery powered allowing you to use the tool freely, 20-volts


  • It’s possible to run out of battery charge on the work site, making the requirement for backup batteries a necessity
  • Not as powerful as some of the other saws on this list
  • As the unit is battery operated, you may need to replace the batter over years of normal use

3. DEWALT Cordless Reciprocating Saw (DCS380B) 20-Volt MAX Li-Ion

Weight: 6.0 lbs

Power Source: cordless / 20-volt battery

Stroke Length: 1 ⅛ inches

Speed (SPM):  0 – 3000 strokes per minute

Product Review

Another dependable cordless – the Dewalt reciprocating saw is a great tool for the contractor or homeowner who needs cordless functionality, and the ability to personalize their blade position. What’s more, this saw includes a pivoting shoe and variable speed, giving even the most junior users additional control when operating the power tool.

One thing to note when purchasing this unit online are the options, depending on what kit you choose  and where you buy it, you may have to purchase a battery and saw blade separately. With that being said, our team still thinks it comes in as a great value pick.


  • Includes a 4 position blade clamp, making it easy to adjust the tool to suit your needs, in addition to a rubber grip built to provide added comfort
  • Like the Black+Decker saw above, the Dewalt includes a pivoting shoe that provides greater saw control
  • Cordless, providing for more flexibility and freedom on the job site
  • Variable speed, allowing ranges of 0 – 3000 spm (strokes per minute)


  • The battery and blade costs extra, so be prepared if you do not already have blades and a rechargeable battery that works with this model
  • It’s a light-weight model – depending on your needs you may require something more heavy duty
  • Batteries will require recharging after every couple uses to maintain full power 

4. Milwaukee 2720-21 M18 FUEL Cordless SAWZALL

Weight: 7.4 lbs

Power Source: cordless / 18-volt lithium-ion battery

Stroke Length: 1 ⅛ inches

Speed (SPM): 0 – 3000 strokes per minute

Product Review

The Milwaukee 2720-21 M18 Fuel is a significant improvement on its predecessors, with a brushless motor that provides more power and greater cutting capabilities. This shouldn’t be a surprise as milwaukee is known in the industry for the quality of their reciprocating saws, or as they call them sawzall. This saw comes as a kit with a carrying case, or contractors bag depending on your preference, a rechargeable battery and a saw blade. 

The carrying case is surprisingly durable. What’s more, this sawzall also comes with some interesting features not found on other saws,  including a built in LED light, and durable rubber outer housing.

If you are looking for a medium sized saw that’s great on the job site, and for getting into all those tiny places this is a great choice. 


  • Excellent vibration control; comes with a standard blade out of the box
  • Brushless motor, providing it with additional power (sometimes more than corded)
  • Changeable blades, with the ability to cut plastic, metal, wood, and trees with ease
  • Comes with a carrying case that helps the tool last longer, you also have the option of getting the saw with a contractor bag instead
  • Product comes with a 5 year warranty 


  • Depending on the model you either get one or two batteries
  • Can be a little heavy if you are doing a lot of overhead work, as it comes in around 8 pounds

5. DEWALT DWE305 Reciprocating Saw (with blades) 

Weight: 7.0 lbs

Power Source: corded / 12 amp motor

Stroke Length: 1 ⅛ inches

Speed (SPM): 0 – 2,900 strokes per minute

Product Review

Built to last, the Dewalt sawzall is a corded reciprocating saw that is dependable with the added benefit of not needing additional batteries to keep it going. This power tool includes a 12 amp motor and can reach speeds as high as 2,900 spm, though it does come in on the heavier side at 8lbs.

With that being said, it does feature a 3 year limited warranty and 1 year of free service – giving me the sense Dewalt has a lot of faith in their products. This saw can cut through wood, metal and pvc without a problem and would make a great addition to any contractors tool box. 

Although, if you are looking for a light weight tool, you may want to check out some of the smaller cordless saws in this list. 


  • Dependable power source with a corded 12-amp motor
  • Easy to use keyless blade clamp for tool-less blade changes
  • Adjustable blade position with 4 settings available, providing an extra level of personalization


  • The saw does not include a carrying case or bag, meaning you will have to take extra care when storing it.
  • Some users prefer the freedom cordless provides, if that’s you, a corded sawzall may not be preferential 
  • On the medium to heavy side of the available saws

6. PORTER-CABLE 20V MAX Reciprocating Saw

Weight: 4 lbs

Power Source: cordless / 20-volt battery

Stroke Length: 1 inch

Speed (SPM): 0 – 3000 strokes per minute

Product Review

The Porter-Cable is a 20-volt cordless saw that is typically sold as a bare tool, which means you would need to pick up a battery and saw for it. This is a lightweight and durable option for someone considering the cordless options in this list, matching a lot of the other saws specs with up to 3000 spm and a stroke length of 1 inches.

This unit also features a pivoting shoe that helps improve your overall control of the unit especially over long period of times. Ultimately, this is a great substitute for when you are doing tasks around the house and your don’t want to have to break out a chainsaw. 

The Porter-Cable Reciprocating Tigersaw can cut through wood, pvc or metal like the best of them and still manages to be reasonably priced, making it a great option for the DIYer or contractor looking for a new budget option.


  • Lightweight and easy to handle cordless unit
  • Can cut through a range of materials including wood, pvc, and metal with relative ease
  • Reasonably priced and includes a variable speed trigger for added control


  • If you are on the job site you will have to change out batteries when they die
  • Replacement batteries can be harder to find than some other brands depending on your location

7. DEWALT DCS387P1 20V MAX Cordless Compact Reciprocating Saw (Inc. Blade Set) 

Weight: 6.4 lbs

Power Source: cordless / 20-volt battery

Stroke Length: 1 ⅛ inches

Speed (SPM): 0 – 2,900 strokes per minute

Product Review

If you haven’t noticed already, Dewalt makes a number of different reciprocating saws and the DCS387P1 model doesn’t let down. As a cordless compact saw, this model provides a lightweight design that maintains a smaller size for getting into tighter areas where some of the larger models can’t. 

With a 1 and ⅛ inch stroke length and 20-volt battery, the saw comes with more than enough power for any contractors needs, while being able to still handle most cutting jobs. Furthermore, this model features an LED light and adjustable blade clamp that provides you with 4 positions to choose from. 

Overall this unit isn’t that much different than the other dewalt cordless units aside from the compact size – so if you need something just a bit smaller than your average saw, this one is worth checking out.


  • Compact size and powerful battery make this a great option for tighter spaces
  • LED light for optimal cutting view in dark places
  • 4-position adjustable saw blade with tool-less clamp system


  • Some users mention that the vibration can be more than they are used to
  • Depending on your preferences, you may not like the need for batteries – especially if you are often working close to an outlet

8. Bosch Bare-Tool CRS180B 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Reciprocating Saw

Weight: 7.6 lbs

Power Source: 18-volt lithium ion

Stroke Length: 1 ⅛ inches

Speed (SPM): 0 – 2,700 strokes per minute

Product Review

A Bosch tool packed with all you would expect from this brand. This reciprocating sawzall is built to be compact in size while still delivering enough power to cut through some of the toughest materials. Furthermore, it comes with two speeds allowing you to personalize the saw to your preferences for the optimal cutting experience.

A great option if you are looking for something dependable that you can use on the work site for years to come.


  • 2 speed ranges allow the tool to achieve up to 2,700 spm
  • Ergonomic handle with rubber grip makes the tool comfortable use
  • Compact and lightweight size helps with fatigue and makes it easier to use over long periods of time
  • Longer stroke allows you to cut more material per slice


  • Doesn’t include a carrying case, meaning you will need to purchase your own or store it somewhere carefully
  • Some users report difficulty with the level of vibration from this tool

9. WORX WX550L AXIS Cordless 2-in-1 Reciprocating Saw

Weight: 4.2 lbs

Power Source: cordless / 20-volt lithium battery

Stroke Length: ¾ inches

Speed (SPM): 0 – 3,000 strokes per minute

Product Review

The only 2-1 that made it to our list, the Worx WX550L AXIS is an interesting power saw that includes both a reciprocating saw and a jigsaw. This functionality makes it a great all-around tool for the home DIYer’s toolbox who may not need the most professional tool but can use both functionalities on occasion. 

To make this product an even better choice, it looks like the brand provides a warranty and purchase guarantee which isn’t something you see every brand offering today. Pair this with the fact that they chose to include an integrated blower and you have an even more unique tool. This blower is designed to clear debris from the areas you are cutting – the only tool in this list to offer such a feature.

Overall, this can make an interesting purchase for those looking to try out a new tool and have some savings laying around.


  • Company backs the product with a 3-year warranty and 30-day guarantee
  • 2-1 feature allows you to use the product as both a sawzall and a jigsaw  
  • Includes an integrated blower to quickly clear debris when you need to
  • 20 volt-battery and the ability to handle most standard saw blades


  • Aimed at the home owner who doesn’t want to have to spend on multiple dedicated tools, meaning this isn’t as heavy duty as some of the other options in this list
  • Battery requires recharging to maintain power
  • Smaller stroke length than some of the other options

10. Ryobi P514 18V Cordless One+ Variable Speed Reciprocating Saw

Weight: 4.65 lbs

Power Source: cordless / 18-volt battery (sold separately) 

Stroke Length: 1.125 inches

Speed (SPM): 0 – 3,100 strokes per minute

Product Review

When the team stumbled on the Ryobi P514, we were pretty excited, this tool comes with a ton of ergonomic features that we hadn’t seen on other saws including an anti-vibration and non-slip handle. This handle provides for increased control and makes precision cutting a breeze. 

Additionally, if you are looking to switch out the blades at any time, you can easily do so without a tool, making it incredibly simple to maintain. If you need a basic reciprocating saw, this is a good option for occasional use, especially if you are just trying to cut some tree branches or plastic pipe around the house.

Check this out if you care about ergonomics and an affordable price. 


  • Features a non-slip, anti-vibration handle providing improved handling in all conditions
  • Easy to swap blades with tool-less blade change mechanism
  • Reaches up to 3,100 spm 
  • Can cut wood, plastic and metal


  • Without proof of purchase from authorized seller you won’t receive a warranty
  • There are more powerful units available on the market


In conclusion, we think the Skil 9206-02 is a great option! It’s affordable price, exchangeable blade, powerful motor, and variable speed make it a good choice for anyone looking to purchase a new tool. Though we also think any tool on this list would make a great addition to your tool box.

If you are still looking for additional information, make sure not to miss our buyers guide below where we answer some of people’s top questions about reciprocating saws.

Buyers Guide

How to Use a Reciprocating Saw?

What Amp Reciprocating Saw Should I Get?

This depends on how much power you are looking for. Most current models of reciprocating saws range from 10 – 18 amps, with higher amp models providing more power. Most saws with middle to high amp ranges will be more expensive than low end models. If you are a construction worker, window fitter or contractor, it is suggested you use a high amp model, if you are a homeowner a lower amp model is suitable.

What’s the difference between a sawzall and a reciprocating saw?

There is no difference between the following tools; Dewalt has chosen to label their series of reciprocating saws, sawzalls to set themselves apart from the crowd – with that being said, their tools are still excellent.



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