Best Vertical Panel Saws of 2021 (Review & Guide)

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In a Rush? Here are three of the best vertical panel saws that our team thought you may be interested in depending on your budget and the quality you require.

Best Overall Pick

Milwaukee 6480-20 15-Amp 8-Inch Complete Panel Saw System

“This model is our favorite option for busy workshops. It achieves high accuracy and is the perfect fit for those 4 by 8 ft sheets you’ve been longing to cut to size.”

Best Budget

Safety Speed C5

If you are out for a compact but capable panel saw, we highly recommend the Safety Speed C5. At only 5ft tall, this model is ready to take on worksites while offering the functionality of a full-size panel saw.”

Best Value

Powermatic 1510007 511

“If you are dealing with demanding cuts, the Powermatic 1510007 511 packs lots of power and glides effortlessly. It is a solid choice for sheets up to 5ft tall while remaining mobile for those off-site jobs.”


What makes an excellent vertical panel saw? Is it the alignment or capacity? Well, for long-term use, you will want to invest in the best vertical panel saw for your workshop.

Modern panel saws don’t just specialize in wood-based panels. You can easily find one that can cut acrylics, composites, and plastics into usable sizes. 

In this guide, we look at the most popular vertical panel saws. You will find high-end models for busy contractors and budget-friendly picks for small shops. 

The 5 Best Vertical Panel Saws with Reviews

1. Milwaukee 6480-20 15-Amp 8-Inch Complete Panel Saw System


  • Tough steel construction
  • Ergonomic handle 
  • Powerful 15-amp motor 
  • Smooth roller mechanism 
  • Comes with a blade wrench 


  • Not for sheets larger than 6ft
  • It uses nylon bearings 
  • Does not include a dust kit

Product Review

The Milwaukee 6480-20 15-Amp 8-Inch Complete Panel Saw System is the go-to system for wood, corrugated plastics, HDPE, and many others. It boasts ample power and has a durable construction so you can saw away with ease.

Milwaukee is all about long-term reliability. That’s why it utilizes an all-steel construction. Its square tubing is electrically welded. Unlike round tubing, you are less likely to deal with twisting and warping. 

Additionally, we like that Milwaukee 6480-20 has a horizontal handle that is not only comfortable but also ergonomic. A 20-amp paddle switch allows you to operate with minimal effort. And since it is industrial-grade, it is reliable in the long run. 

At 180 pounds, the Milwaukee 6480-20 will not slide when dealing with large sheets. It includes nylon bearings complete with graphite to help it slide smoothly. However, we would have loved to see steel bearings to ensure it does not stop moving smoothly after a few years. 

Even with such a robust build, Milwaukee 6480-20 comes with a 5-year warranty on the frame and saw. You can breathe easy because Milwaukee stands behind their products.

The Milwaukee 6480-20 is as accurate as any high-end option out there. Its accuracy is down to +/- 1/32”. Whether you are crosscutting or ripping, the accuracy is tight enough for any project. Given its quality, it can cut hard and soft materials with a max thickness of 1¾ inches. It’s even capable of cutting through particle boards, all thanks to the 15-amp AC/DC motor. 

When not loaded, this panel saw can reach impressive 5800RPM speeds. This way, it can cut faster and smoothly for most types of materials. Not surprisingly, there are no worries about loading as you can load from both the left and right sides. The saw can be used when fixed or turned at 90-degrees to enable vertical cuts.

To conclude, we believe this model is a remarkable investment. It comes with excellent features to ensure you are always on top of your cutting game. 

2. Safety Speed C5 Vertical Panel Saw


  • Heavy-duty saw motor 
  • Spring-loaded counterbalance system 
  • Quick change between vertical and horizontal cutting 
  • Includes a dust kit 
  • Fitted with a midway fence 


  • Wheels are optional 
  • Not portable with the fixed stand 
  • Parts have a one-year warranty

Product Review

The Safety Speed C5 is one of the most affordable and compact vertical panel saws on the market. It is only 5ft tall, and it offers optional wheels if you want to take it to work sites. This tool is a useful addition for those who use 4 by 8’s in a small shop. 

The build quality of this panel saw entails an all-steel construction. Additionally, it has zinc-plated 1¾-inch steel guide tubes. You can secure this machine to a wall or use the optional wheels to move it around. Moreover, it also allows you to choose a folding stand that makes it easier to transport to job sites in the back of a van. 

The saw is complete with a 15-amp motor fixed to a mounting plate. It slides up down the guide bars, which are complemented by a spring-recoil system. Not to mention, the pressure guard makes working with thin sheets convenient. 

The Safety Speed C5 includes a dust extraction kit that is 1.5 inches in diameter. It is accompanied by a 6.5m hose that slides over the rollers. 

The Safety Speed C5 sets out to offer professional quality. If your need is tight tolerance, this machine is up to the task. It comes with a standard fine-toothed blade with an adjustable vertical and horizontal ruler and is accurate down to +/- 1/32 inches. It is ideal for cutting panels when making cabinets since it gets you as close as possible to nail measurements like 1/8 inches. Additionally, it’s also possible to have another blade suitable for cutting non-ferrous materials. 

The counterbalance system is spring-loaded to ensure it will not wobble when cutting large pieces. Speaking of large, Safety Speed C5 can cut materials with a max thickness of 1¾ inches. It can cut panels up to 4ft by 8ft, so you will need an extension if you plan on working with large 6ft and 8ft panels.  

To wrap up, there’s a scale and stop for crosscutting, while a rotating head comes in handy to facilitate rip cutting. The length stop allows cutting eight pre-set lengths. Although this panel saw is compact, it has a capacity for 64-inch crosscuts.  

3. Powermatic 1510007 511 Vertical Panel Saw


  • Carriage glides smoothly 
  • Makes perfect square cuts 
  • The motor rotates
  • Solid steel construction 
  • Includes nylon brush and dust port 


  • Weight inhibits portability 
  • Max cut thickness could be bigger 

Product Review

The Powermatic 1510007 511 gives you a worry-free experience. It features a rigid construction that is feature-packed for better reliability. 

This model also has an all-steel welded construction. It has stainless-steel guide rails for durable operation. A 3HP 13-amp motor powers the Powermatic 1510007 511. It may seem underpowered, but this panel saw is capable of cutting lots of different materials. 

The motor rotates to access rip cuts. Additionally, with the steel guide rods and roller bearings, repositioning is always fast and easy. For square cuts and smooth-rolling, this brand uses aluminum rollers with support brackets. 

We find the large casters convenient for moving the saw around in the workshop. Remember that it weighs over 400 pounds, so portability is out of the question. One the other side of things, it is a large-scale saw that can be installed permanently on work sites. 

Besides, you can always count on a clean working surface thanks to a nylon brush surrounding the saw. Not to mention, the dual 4-inch dust ports that help to keep the material and the workshop clean. 

The manufacturer of the Powermatic 1510007 511 is keen on details. It is designed to make up to 62 inch crosscuts. Additionally, it is capable of cutting materials up to 1.5 inches thick. We like that it carries a real counterweight system. This feature is crucial in making sure the carriage does not move as you load sheets. 

Again, it contributes to the accuracy of the machine. That’s why the aluminum rollers have outside support for making perfect 90-degree cuts. This saw can handle long panels up to 5ft tall. You get vertical and horizontal rulers and an adjustable stop for crosscutting. 

To conclude, the Powermatic 1510007 511 provides for a superior operation. It packs plenty of power to deliver outstanding and satisfactory results every time. 

4. Saw Trax 1064 Full-Size Varisty Package Panel Saw 


  • Powder-coated frame 
  • Cuts full-size sheets 
  • Accu-square alignment system 
  • Comprehensive dust kit 
  • Saw cord holder


  • Plastic rollers
  • The handle can be a bit awkward at first
  • High-end price

Product Review

The Saw Trax 1064 comes from the 1000-series family of full-size panel saws. It is for those who have demanding cuts and require accuracy, ease of use, and utmost safety. From the alignment system to the bearings, it provides a well-rounded system for the busiest workshops. 

When it comes to the overall reliability of this panel saw, you can tell by the steel-welded, powder-coated frame, that it will last a long time. The frame is super-wide at 10ft. You won’t need any extension kits for large materials.

As wide as it is, this model comes with a factory-attached stand and wheels. The stand folds to ease transportation in and around the workshop. 

Focusing on the saw, the Saw Trax 1064 uses a Makita 5700N saw. This saw is industrial-grade and uses the standard 7¼-inch blade that is easy to repair and replace. 

The Saw Trax 1064 is known for using the Accu-Square alignment system. While it may seem like a fancy name, most people agree that it significantly improves accuracy when cutting. More specifically, it saves time and frustrations that come with adjusting points. 

This saw panel can cut crosscuts up to 64 inches with 1¾ inches max thickness. The top and bottom guide tubes ensure that the track always remains straight. Comparing to other machines, it has smoother movement than other panel saws owing to its sealed bearing system. 

The Saw Trax 1064 also comes with two carriage locks to ensure there’s no play when routing or ripping. The stop is for either side of the saw. Finally, the stop extension comes in handy for cutting strips. 

If you are dealing with demanding jobs, the Saw Trax 1064 is the only vertical panel saw you need. 

5. Safety Speed Cut 6400


  • 15-amp motor 
  • Durable construction 
  • Spring-loaded counterbalance system 
  • Integrated dust bonnet
  • Can cut heavy materials 


  • Takes lots of space 
  • Does not come with wheels 
  • Small diameter hose

Product Review

The Safety Speed Cut 6400 is a powerful panel saw designed for heavy materials. It has a heavy-duty build for contractors that deal with sheets that need extra support. 

A steel welded frame coupled with extra steel welding for additional support ensures you get ample support for heavy panels. Additionally, it has aluminum rollers and double bearings to make the process smoother. With chrome-plated 1¾-inch guide tubes, this panel can make accurate horizontal and vertical cuts.

The Safety Speed Cut 6400 comes with a gear-driven saw motor. It boasts 3¼ HP on the 15-amp motor. This model also boasts a 10ft width, meaning it can handle full-size sheets without extensions. However, it is heavy. Moving it is a two-person job. Not surprisingly, it also takes up a considerable amount of space. 

The Safety Speed Cut 6400 provides reduced accuracy of 1/64 inches square and straight. It has adjustable vertical and horizontal rulers coupled with an eight Nylatron roller bearing system. As such, it does not sacrifice ease of movement for accuracy. 

You will be able to change from vertical to horizontal cuts quickly. We like that the counterbalance system is enclosed. This way, the saw can move up and down freely while keeping a clean look. Finally, you also get a mid-way fence for working with small panels. 

To keep a clean work surface, the Safety Speed Cut 6400 includes a vacuum hose and an integrated dust bonnet. However, we would have loved to have a larger diameter on the hose for better cleanup. 

Overall, the Safety Speed Cut 6400 combines great aspects of vertical panel saws to give you a machine for the toughest materials. 

Buyers Guide 

Also known as wall saws, vertical panel saws are no longer tools for rough-sizing. They are now part of handy tools alongside saw benches and sliding table saws. They save you valuable workshop space since you don’t have to invest in a large capacity table saw. 

Best Vertical Panel Saws Features Comparison   

Product Name Cutting AccuracyBlade Size Motor Sheet Size Weight Max Cut Thickness 
Milwaukee 6480-20 15-Amp 8-Inch Complete Panel Saw System+/- 1/32”8 ¼ inches 15-amp 4 by 8ft180 lbs1¾ inches
Safety Speed C5+/- 1/32”8 inches 15-amp 4 by 8ft219 lbs1¾ inches 
Powermatic 1510007 511+/- 1/64“8 inches 13-amp4 by 8ft435 lbs1½ inches
Saw Trax 1064+/- 1/32”7¼ inches15-ampFull-size336lbs1¾ inches
Safety Speed Cut 6400+/- 1/64”8 inches 15-ampFull-size517lbs 1 ¾ inches 

5 Things to Consider when Buying a Vertical Panel Saw 

Frame Quality

You are better off with a one-piece welded frame. Working with lots of friction can compromise the structure. The quality of a panel saw frame influences the cutting accuracy, which is what you are after in the first place. 

Factory Alignment 

This feature comes hand-in-hand with factory assembly. You’ll want a saw that comes from a reputable brand. It ensures you get a tool that can meet your desired tolerances. You also don’t want to spend days assembling and calibrating a machine instead of completing cabinets. 

Crosscut Capacity 

While most panel saws offer unlimited rip capacity, they come with varied crosscut capacities. It’s vital that you match the width of materials you plan on cutting with the crosscut capabilities of the panel saw you want to buy. 

Powerful Motor 

The motor needs to be up to the task to deal with all kinds of materials. You also need to look at accompanying features like special blade guards and locking power switches. These features protect you from common injuries associated with panel saws. 

Guide System 

Vertical panel saws have lots of advantages. The main one being high levels of accuracy. For this to happen, even the guide system has to be of high-quality material. We are talking of fabricated steel that’s welded to the frame.


From DIYers to general contractors, a vertical panel saw is an indispensable tool. It not only saves your back, but it’s also safer than a horizontal panel saw. You can make cuts as small as 1/8 inches or as large as 64 inches with minimal blade exposure. 

After lots of research, we narrowed our list of the best panel saws to the above five. These models cover portable options to heavy-duty picks for tough materials. Don’t make a purchase without checking out which one meets your specific needs.



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