Best Painters Pants of 2021 (Review)

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The 5 Best Painters Paints with Reviews

Here’s a list of the best painters pants we found. We have categorized them by where we think they rank – check them out:

  1. Dickies Men’s 8 3/4 Ounce Double Knee Painter’s Pant
  2. Dickies Men’s Painters Bib Overall
  3. Dickies Men’s Original 874 Work Pant
  5. Dickies Men’s Relaxed-Fit Painter’s Utility Pant

If you find yourself painting a lot, whether as a contractor or as a homeowner, it is worth your time to consider picking up a pair of painters pants. Not only will a good pair of painters pants help you keep your other clothes clean, they will also help you hold more tools! 

One thing you may be asking yourself is, “why are painters pants always white?”. There is a lot of debate, some will say that it’s because white was a cheaper color at the time, and others will say it showed less stains when commercial painters were coating buildings in white paint all day. They are also a lot cooler when working and wearing them outdoors in those sunny summers. Regardless of the brand, most paint pants will be white; let’s check out some of the best pairs currently on the market.

In a Rush?

Here’s 3 products we picked out that we thought you would be interested in depending on your budget range and requirements…


Dickies Men’s 8 3/4 Ounce Double Knee Painter’s Pant at Amazon

A classic pair of painters pants, these are a great pick if you’re looking for a no-frills pair of pants that are built to last.

BEST VALUEPainters Pants

Dickies Men’s Painters Bib Overall at Amazon

More of an overalls person? These bib overalls by Dickies are a comfortable pair of pants that are affordable for any budget.

BEST BUDGETPainters Pants

Dickies Men’s Original 874 Work Pant at Amazon

A great pair of pants for a great price from a long standing manufacturer of work and painters clothing. A great option if you’re just looking for a classic work pant. “

Best Painters Paints with Reviews

1.  Dickies Men’s 8 3/4 Ounce Double Knee Painter’s Pant

Product Overview:

The Dickies 8 3/4 Ounce Double Knee Painter’s Pants are durable and well designed. Featuring double reinforced knees and triple stitching, you can rest easy knowing they’ll hold up to long days on the job site. In addition to the durability, these pants are also highly functional, including tool loops so you can keep all your brushes and hammers close by.

Not surprisingly, this makes them convenient for the contractor who needs both a comfortable and reliable pair of pants. If your curious about fit, they have a relaxed tapered feel with a leg width that can easily fit over your favorite pair of work boots. Overall, these Dickies pants are great value for what you are getting.


  • Made with 100% cotton making them extremely comfortable
  • Pants feature a reinforced double knee making them highly durable
  • Features triple stitching across the seams
  • Comfortable for long projects where you need some extra room


  • The 100% cotton can take some time to wear in
  • May be slightly more baggy on certain waists
  • You’ll need a belt to adjust the waistband of these pants


Product Overview:

The Dickies Men’s Painters Bib Overall Pants are a great pair of overalls if you need something that is durable and built to last. These pants are 100% cotton and feel great when worn in. Additionally, they also feature a ton of pockets so if you’re someone like me who likes to hold tools in their pants, these would be perfect for you. One thing to note though, these are bib overalls. If you’re not familiar with the term, it means the pants have straps going over your shoulders. This can be preferred by some and disliked others, so make sure you know what you want!

These pants aren’t without their cons however, they are a little bit pricier than some of the other brands out there and can fit loose on some frames. Overall, these are great pair of painters whites and worth considering if you’re after a pair that will last you awhile.


  • Made out of 100% cotton for improved comfort
  • Includes 8 pockets as well as hammer loops for expanded functionality
  • The company has been producing pants since 1922 so they know a thing or two about clothing
  • Built-in elastic shoulder straps for increased adjustability


  • Not everyone is a fan of the “overall” look and prefer pants
  • The are slightly higher priced than some other painters pant options
  • Fit looser than some other pant options in this list

3. Dickies Men’s Original 874 Work Pant

Product Overview:

A popular and traditional pair of painters pants, the Dickies Original 874 Pant’s are a durable option for the commercial painter or local handyman. These wrinkle and stain resistant Dickies are made out of a cotton-poly blend that feel great when worn. To make the pants even more functional, the pair features a range of pockets and are built with a heavy brass zipper to ensure a long-lasting design.

With that being said, these pants may not be for everyone. For starters, they are a bit thicker than some other pants on this list. This means they require a little bit more time before they become worn in. Additionally, they may be hotter to wear in the summer months.


  • A very popular long-lasting design made out of a cotton/poly blend
  • Designed to be wrinkle and stain resistant
  • Pants come with built in hook and eye waist closure
  • Durable design with heavy duty brass ratcheting zipper


  • The waist may fit smaller on certain frames so you may want to consider going up a size
  • The material is thicker and more durable making it hotter in summer weather


Product Overview:

If you are on a budget and want something that may be a bit more affordable, the Portwest Craftsman S817 Painters Pants could be a good option for you. These pants are versatile, featuring a range of pockets for all your tools and supplies. Additionally, they also include an elastic waist band, negating the need for a belt. This feature makes these pants really comfortable and perfect for long days of work.

One thing to note, we did read some reviews of users mentioning these pants can fit a little tight on some body types, so make sure to read the size chart. To conclude, these are a great option if Dickies pants don’t suit your needs or fit requirements.


  • Affordable on any kind of painters budget
  • Features numerous pockets for all your holding needs
  • Includes a tightened elastic waist, removing the need for a belt


  • Fit a little smaller than other brands according to some online reviews
  • Made by a less known clothing brand

5. Dickies Men’s Relaxed-Fit Painter’s Utility Pant

Product Overview:

If you are looking for a pair of relaxed fit painters pants, then these Dickies Utility Pants may be a great option for you. They are built to be a little bit wider than your standard pair of pants which make them arguably more comfortable for long days on the job site. Featuring triple stitched seams and high grade cotton, these dickies pants are a bargain and priced to fit any budget.

What’s more, they can be found at a variety of retailers, if you prefer to do your shopping in person. Overall, these pants are another popular option for any painter and pull their weight, even when compared to our team’s top pick, the Dickies 8 3/4 pants, which is a similar, but slightly different pant.


  • Relaxed fit makes the pants extra comfortable for long days
  • Includes triple stitched seams giving the pants extra durability
  • Made with high grade cotton that is made to last and be comfortable
  • Well priced, even on a budget


  • If you’re slim, these pants will fit wider than usual
  • Does not include an elastic waistband. This is either a pro or a con depending on your preference


Overall, there are many good painters pants out there. We have selected some of the pairs our team feels are the best, but don’t be limited by our selections, there are many other great options out there. However, we do hope this article gives you some insight into some of the more popular painters pants currently available on the market today.

As always, if you have any questions, make sure to drop them in the comment section below, and a member of our team will do their best to get back to you as soon as possible.



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