Best Paint Sprayer for House Exterior 2021 (Reviews)

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Best Paint Sprayer for House Exterior – Top 5

  1. Graco Magnum 257025 Project Painter Plus Paint Sprayer
  2. Titan Controlmax 1700 Pro Sprayer
  3. Homeright Power-Flo Pro 2800 Airless Paint Sprayer
  4. Wagner 0518080 Control Mac HVLP Sprayer
  5. Krause and Becker Airless Paint Sprayer


Maybe you’ve just built your dream home and are painting for the first time or maybe you just want to add a fresh coat of paint to your home. Using rollers and painting your house exterior the traditional way can be difficult and time consuming. To save time and money, try using a paint sprayer specific to house exteriors. Read below to find out which paint sprayer we think is best for house exteriors, and why.

We took the time to break down each option and explain in detail the good, the bad, and what’s available to you in the market today. We hope we can help you find the best paint sprayer for your house exterior considering your specific needs!

Best Paint Sprayers for Painting House Exterior

1. Graco Magnum 257025 Project Painter Plus Paint Sprayer

Our top paint sprayer for a house exterior is the Graco Magnum. This airless paint sprayer is the bee’s knees and any DIYer or homeowner should be glad to own one. This is the sprayer I keep in my garage and it is wonderful for just about any job, big or small. This includes painting fences, decks, interior projects and house exteriors.

The accuracy and spray rate gets every job done properly. If you are looking for a sprayer that will always be there for you, the Magnum is the one for you. Not only will this sprayer paint a house or shed with ease, but It can also be used for projects on the job site. This tool is built to last so you can trust that for any job, the 257025 will get it done. 

To conclude, this is the top option on our list making it the best paint sprayer for house exterior we’ve come across.

Some Basic Tips:

  • To reduce overspray, it is helpful to match the tip to the type of paint you’re putting to use.
  • If you are going to attach a longer hose, this could cause the job to take a bit more time. 
  • Although this machine is reliable, using it for big jobs can damage it in the long run. It isn’t designed for large jobs and the wear and tear could cause this sprayer to stop working.


  • Cost Efficient, and Light: Again, being low cost is always a perk for any hard working average Joe, like you and I. Being light makes it easy to move around which is also a great perk.
  • Great Mobility: Having large wheels allows you to move this sprayer exactly where you want it to be.
  • Can Work With 5 Gallon Buckets: This sprayer has a stand that allows it to be used with 5 gallon buckets. This allows for less refills throughout the project.
  • Less Parts Mean Quick Clean Up: Having very little parts allows the clean up to be simple. No back breaking work is involved.
  • Has The Ability To Spray Almost Any Coating: You can paint anything, and coat it how you like with this great paint sprayer.


  • Thicker Material Will Clog This Sprayer: When using thicker mediums you can run into clogs. I have experienced this with mine. Using water with specific nutrients is always fine, but thicker paints can dry in the tip and cause the need for additional cleaning.
  • Hose Seems Too Short: The hose is just too short. All though you can put a larger hose on, the stock hose just can’t seem to reach where you need.
  • Overspray Can Cause Difficulty: If you aren’t used to overspray, the amount of overspray on this sprayer can be overwhelming at times.

2. Titan Controlmax 1700 Pro Sprayer

This bad boy landed on our number 2 spot in this great review of the best paint sprayers for house exteriors. Being large and heavy duty, this sprayer allows you to get bigger tasks done very efficiently. This is one great paint sprayer for house exteriors. This sprayer can help you paint like a pro with ease. The design is absolutely wonderful and very simple for regular people, like you and I.

Basic Tips:

  • To get a job done right, keep the sprayer moving. If you aren’t moving the sprayer, the paint will not lay right.
  • Operate this sprayer at low PSI to get the best quality.
  • This sprayer could be used for professional work.


  • Low Overspray: Not only has this sprayer been noted as having very little overspray, but it also makes very little sound. This is a very good sprayer for inside jobs as well.
  • Absolute Excellent Performance: Whether you are doing a big project or a small one, this sprayer will get the job done efficiently.
  • Great Mobility: Having wheels allows you to roll this sprayer where it needs to go. This is very helpful when moving from one side of the house to another. Any paint sprayer for house exteriors requires good mobility and this one does not disappoint.
  • Storage Compartment on Top: The storage compartment located at the top of the sprayer is great for storing anything from hose tips, to personal items like car keys. This is very convenient when trying to rid your pockets of things so you can move more comfortably while working.


  • No Inline Filter Before Tip: Sadly, the Titan ControlMax has a flaw. Unlike other sprayers, there isn’t an inline filter before the tip on the gun. This can cause clogs and stress when working on long projects.
  • Some Thick Material Clogs: This sprayer can have a lot of clogging problems. Although you can get jobs done nicely, you risk dealing with more maintenance. Try to clean this tool more regularly to avoid this problem.

3. Homeright Power-Flo Pro 2800 Airless Paint Sprayer

The Homeright Power-Flo comes in at #3 on our list of best paint sprayers for house exteriors for many reasons. This durable product is powerful and super efficient. This big boy is made for large DIY projects. The way this product gets the paint spread on the surface is absolutely beautiful. You want a large job done right? Well, this sprayer is made for that. 

Some Basic Tips:

  • Don’t use thick latex paints with this sprayer or try to thin it down ahead of time.
  • It is best for you to source spare parts directly from HomeRight themselves.


  • Functions With Different Paints: Being able to function with different paints, this machine is a great paint sprayer for house exteriors.
  • Low Cost: Being affordable is probably a pro for anyone. If it means saving money, I am sure you are for it like I am.
  • Paints Large Areas Fast and is Perfect For DIY Projects: Being able to cover large surfaces fast, this sprayer is the sprayer to get all your projects done efficiently. Super convenient for all Do-It-Yourself projects.
  • Set-Up is Quick and Easy: If you bring this sprayer home, the installment is so simple and fast that you will be painting within the hour of opening the box.


  • Stock Tips Aren’t Recommended for Small Areas: The tips that come with this sprayer are large, and spray wide. This can make small jobs a tad difficult.
  • Thicker Mediums Can Clog Machine: Unfortunately, the tips and hose clog when using thicker mediums. It is best to stick to thin mediums.

4. Wagner 0518080 Control Spray Max HVLP Sprayer

This multipurpose HVLP paint sprayer for house exteriors is a wonderful choice for house exteriors. This paint sprayer comes in 4th on our list of best paint sprayers for house exteriors. The Wagner 0518080 is a very powerful sprayer with a strong turbine. This allows it to be used for a myriad of materials no matter the consistency. Additionally, this sprayer is very affordable and features a broad range of functions seen on higher end units.

Some Basic Tips:

  • This sprayer is constantly blowing air, as the trigger only has the purpose of spraying. This can take some getting used to when you aren’t accustomed to this method.
  • Be patient when working on large projects. This sprayer can get it done efficiently, but it will take time.


  • Light: This very light paint sprayer comes equipped with a twist nozzle allowing jobs to be done quick and easy. Being lightweight, it allows you to be able to pick up and move it around easily.
  • Easy to Maintain: Being able to clean up easy and keep the machine intact is highly important. Due to the easy maintenance on this sprayer, it can survive the tale of time.
  • Can Chose Different Patterns: You have the option to change the pattern from horizontal spray to vertical and diagonal spraying. Being able to adapt to the job being done add versatility.
  • Spraying Any Material With A Breeze: This sprayer has the ability to spray enough paint to cover any material being used.
  • Little Overspray: With little overspray, it is very clean and keeps the paint exactly where you want it to be.


  • Short Power Cord: With the power cord being short, you have to work in close areas. You won’t be able to get much more distance than the length of the hose. Make sure to have an extension cord handy.
  • Can Get Loud: The motor runs very loudly. Can be annoying at times. You won’t be the only one getting irked by the loud noise.
  • Larger Areas May Take More Time: While painting can be fast for small jobs, it can take longer on bigger surfaces.

5. Krause and Becker Airless Paint Sprayer

Coming in 5th place of this review is the Krause and Becker Airless Paint Sprayer. This little fella is a great choice when needing small jobs done due to its size. This reliable airless paint sprayer for house exterior will always get the job when needed. The fact that it is small gives you the option to set it up in tight areas. There are many reasons this machine came in 5th. Just because it’s the last number doesn’t mean it isn’t one of the best options out there.

Some Basic Tips:

  • It is best to use silicon based lubricants. Petroleum based lubricants have been known to cause problems with O rings, which could affect this sprayer. 
  • If you were to get this paint sprayer for house exteriors, be warned. Finding replacement gaskets can potentially be a mission and a half. 
  • Sweep faster with the paint, especially if you’re pulling straight from the bucket. You’ll notice it’s a much faster paint job.


  • Stainless Steel Paint Pick Up: Having a stainless steel paint pick up means there is less chance of corrosion when used frequently. You get your paint, or any medium you are choosing to use, in the most pure and efficient form. 
  • Simple Clean Up: This perk is obviously a great thing. The easier the clean up, the easier the job. Even though the trigger lock can stick sometimes, this feature will make the clean up generally easier.
  • Trigger Lock: This trigger lock feature is magnificent. When you are spraying your material on a large surface area, being able to lock the trigger comes in handy. It also helps reduce hand cramps if the job is time consuming. This trigger lock also helps the clean up, allowing you to run a constant flow of water through the hose and gun to clean your paint or other material out. This reduces chance of future clogging.
  • Variety of Compatible Tips: The tip that comes with the Krause and Becker Airless Paint Sprayer is typically a 517, although it can function very efficiently with a large variety of different tips.
  • Can use Latex and Oil Based Paint: Being able to function properly with both types of paint, as well as a variety of other mediums, is a very convenient feature. This ensures you that no matter the job, it will get done right.


  • O Rings May Fall Out: When cleaning this paint sprayer you may have a risk of loosing the O rings. They can potentially fall out. If these aren’t re-inserted, the machine can also potentially leak causing everything to get messy.
  • Spare Parts are can be hard to find: I have never had to replace any parts when I tried this sprayer out. Although, I did some searching on the internet and noticed a scarcity in parts for this model.
  • Isn’t Best for Large Projects: Due to its small motor and long hoses, the gallon per hour can be inaccurate.
  • Gallons Per Hour Can Be Hard to Understand: The reason the gallon per hour is inaccurate is because of how long the hose can be. If you have the hose fully extended you can cut the gallon per hour almost in half.
  • More Tailored to Outdoor Spraying: When using finer tips, there is a lot of overspray. So, unless you have a dedicated workshop that overspray won’t effect anything, it is best to use this sprayer outside.

Final Thoughts

In our quest to find the best paint sprayer for house exterior use, we found five great options. They all have amazing functionality and durability. Using a paint brush and bucket will take you forever to paint your house. These paint sprayers are here to make the job quick, easy and fun. For any projects that you are trying to tackle around the house, these paint sprayers are here to help. These paint sprayers are the absolute best picks when going into battle with a giant wall or entire house. You have the ability to paint your surface with ease as well as having the potential to achieve a professional quality finish.

Whether it is the Wagner Or the Graco, you know you are getting the job done right if you chose any from the list above. The perfect coating will have you sitting on your porch sipping coffee with pride, knowing your house is beautifully painted.



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