Best Manual Tile Cutter of 2021 (Review and Guide)

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In a Rush?

Looking for the best manual tile cutter on the market? Here’s 3 of the best we thought you would be interested in depending on your budget range and project requirements.


Sigma 2G 37cm Metric Tile Cutter at Amazon

“A professional quality, versatile tile cutter that can easily cut marble, granite, porcelain and more”


QEP 10630Q 24-Inch Manual Tile Cutter at Amazon

Durable and well priced tool well suited for cutting porcelain and ceramic tile at home or on the job.”


Seeutek Manual Tile Cutter With Tungsten Carbide Scoring Wheel at Amazon

“A precision tool with a built-in laser guide to help you achieve clean cuts, that doesn’t break the budget.

If you are a contractor or homeowner who has had to lay and cut tile, you know how difficult tile cutting can be and the importance of having the best manual tile cutter for the job.

With all the sizes and brands out there, how do you know which one is right for the job?

If you don’t know what you are looking for in a tile cutter, you could end up getting one that’s not the right size or not designed for the type of material you intend to cut. That’s why our team decided to research and review the best tile cutter on the market so you can select the perfect tool.

So let’s check out some of the best manual tile cutters of the year.

Best Manual Tile Cutters of 2021

  1. SIGMA Metric Tile Cutter
  2. QEP 10630Q 24-Inch Manual Tile Cutter
  3. Seeutek 35 Inch Manual Tile Cutter
  4. QEP 10900Q 35-Inch Manual Tile Cutter
  5. Montolit Masterpiuma Evolution 3 29″ Push Porcelain Tile Cutter 75P3
  6. M-D Building Products 49047 20-Inch Tile Cutter

The Best Manual Tile Cutters with Reviews

1.  SIGMA Metric Tile Cutter

The Sigma Metric Manual Tile Cutter is an excellent tile cutter made in Italy with a built-in measuring bar that fits pretty much every budget.


  • Weighs less than 5lbs
  • Includes rapid positioning button
  • Italian made high-quality tool


  • Measurements were in metric
  • May take a small amount of time to learn how to achieve clean cuts

Product Overview:

This tile cutter is great if you are looking for a portable tool that can achieve clean cuts with a range of materials, including porcelain, granite, marble and glass tile. The built-in measuring bar allows you to easily achieve the angled cuts you are looking for and the rapid positioning button makes the angles quick to set.

In addition to the built in measuring bar, this tile cutter also comes in at an extremely portable weight (5 pounds). This gives you the ability to haul this around to all your job sites with ease.

If you need a manual tile cutter that can handle more than one material and has 45 degrees of adjustability this is a great one to consider.

2. QEP 10630Q 24-Inch Manual Tile Cutter

The QEP 24 inch Manual Tile Cutter is a durable and well priced tool well suited for cutting porcelain and ceramic tile at home or on the job.


  • Larger rubber handle and big stable base
  • 24” straight cutter with adjustable guide
  • Can cut porcelain and ceramic tile with ease


  • Some online users have reported difficulty achieving a straight cut
  • Can face issues with thicker tiles

Product Overview:

If you are on a budget and looking for a deal, this is a great product to consider. With a 24” inch straight cutter and an adjustable guide, this tool can handle a range of different tiles. However, if you are looking for a manual tile cutter to handle thicker or more expensive material, this may not be the right one for you.

In addition to the adjustable guide and reasonable price, this unit also includes a large handle that gives you the leverage to cut tile without breaking a sweat. It also features a titanium-coated tungsten-carbide cutting wheel that allows you achieve smooth and effortless scoring or cuts.

What’s more, this tool can also be easily cleaned with compressor air and some soap and water, making it great for professional use. If you find yourself laying porcelain tile often, this is the manual tile cutter for you.

3. Seeutek 35 Inch Manual Tile Cutter

Are you a professional who needs the best manual tile cutter around? The Seeutek 35-Inch Manual Tile Cutter is a professional tool that comes with a built in laser guide for precision cuts.


  • Includes a laser guide for precise cuts
  • Capable of cutting ceramic and other stone tiles
  • Comes with high-quality ball bearings
  • Seeutek products feature a 100% money back guarantee


  • Some online users have noted the laser sight was difficult to see
  • Larger sized unit makes it hard to take around

Product Overview:

This is an excellent tool if you are looking to cut large sections of tile or ceramic. With a built in laser guide and high quality ball bearings, this manual tile cutter allows you to achieve precise and smooth cuts on a range of materials. Additionally, this product also includes an anti-slip handle that features an ergonomic shape so you can cut all day without getting tired.

To ensure the tile does not scratch, this tile cutter also comes with a padded base. This padded base supports the tile while protecting it at the same time, a great feature if you are a professional user and demand quality in your end product.

Overall, this is an excellent manual tile cutter if you are looking for something that can cut larger tiles at a great price point.

4. QEP 10900Q 35-Inch Manual Tile Cutter

A tool primarily geared towards cutting ceramic and porcelain, the QEP 10900Q Manual Tile Cutter is high quality and perfect for the homeowner or contractor who needs a durable unit for their toolbox.


  • Excellent tool if you require precise cuts
  • Comes with an adjustable guides
  • Well priced and easy to use


  • Primarily to be used for ceramic and porcelain
  • Limited to tiles up to 35 inches
  • Not as durable as higher end units

Product Overview:

The QEP 10900Q 35-Inch Manual Tile Cutter is a well priced tile cutter perfect for porcelain or ceramic tile jobs. With a length of 35 inches, this manual tile cutter can score and cut large pieces of tile with a high degree of precision. This precision is due in part to the units built-in adjustable guide that allows you to measure and score your tile easily and accurately.

In addition to all those features, the QEP 10900Q also includes a ⅞ inch titanium coated tungsten carbide cutting wheel ensuring every slice is smooth. Built with two chrome plated rails aided by ball bearings, the unit prevents rough cuts, something you may have seen occur with other tile cutters.

Ultimately, if you’re looking to re-do a bathroom or mud room with tile, this is a great tile cutter for the price.

5. Montolit Masterpiuma Evolution 3 29″ Push Porcelain Tile Cutter 75P3

The Montolit Masterpiuma Evolution 29” Porcelain Tile Cutter is an import unit that is both powerful and accurate, featuring a built-in adjustable scoring system and easy set-up process.


  • Accurate and powerful tile cutter
  • Easy to set-up and take down
  • Powerful unit with a push scrib handle
  • Built-in adjustable scoring system


  • Some users have reported it chipping tile
  • Heavy and large unit
  • Uses the metric system for measurement

Product Overview:

A great unit for the professional contractor, the Montolit Masterpiuma Evolution 3 29″ Push Porcelain Tile Cutter is a powerful and easy to set up tool. It has a built-in adjustable scoring system that allows you to achieve an accurate cut every time with little to no skill.

Paired with the adjustable scoring system, this tool also features a push scrib handle that enables you to gain extra leverage and control over the machine. In addition, it features a patented industry first oil fed incision system that ensures smooth and quiet operations.

If your job demands a high quality, long lasting professional tool, this is one of the best manual cutters for you.

6. M-D Building Products 49047 20-Inch Tile Cutter

Featuring a durable aluminum base and 20-inch cutting ability, this small unit is a mighty tool for the homeowner or general contractor who is on a budget.


  • Quality aluminum base often not seen on tools in this price range
  • Can cut up to 20-inch tile
  • Small portable size with carrying case


  • Tool can have difficulties with clean cuts
  • Build quality is not high end
  • You need to ensure the blade does not slide off the rails

Product Overview:

One of the best priced manual tile cutters on our list, the M-D Building Products 49047 20-inch Manual Tile Cutter is a budget tool for small jobs around the house and job site. With an aluminum base and ability to handle up to ¾ inch thick tile, this tool is great for completing mosaic work or back splashes.

Featuring a ball bearing carriage and two chrome plated steel rails, this tool comes with a number of features included on higher end models. With that being said, one thing to consider is the size of tile you are looking to cut due to the limitations of this tool. Another issue online users have noted is having tiles come out after cutting with rough edges if not used perfectly. So we suggest reading the manual before using the unit.

Overall, if you are on a budget, this is an excellent manual cutter to consider.

Buying Guide: Manual Tile Cutters

Things to consider when purchasing a manual tile cutter:

  1. Cutting dimensions you require.
  2. Thickness of tile you intend to cut.
  3. Power and durability you need for the job.
  4. How portable is the tile cutter?
  5. What is your budget?

Here’s a great overview on how to cut a tile with a manual tile cutter:



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