Best Heat Guns of 2021 (Reviews)

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In a Rush?

Here’s 3 of the best heat guns we picked out that we thought you would be interested in depending on your budget range and brush requirements…




The use of the best heat gun with a lot of projects can be very beneficial for you if you know what you are doing. More and more people find that the use of a heat gun on a project can help them get a job done a lot sooner than if they had not used a heat gun. The trick is to make sure that you are getting the right gun for your needs as well as not overpaying for these features. As the price will depend on both the number of features that you are looking to get and the brand of heat gun you choose to go with.

While a basic tool may be all you need, it can be to your advantage to go ahead and pay a little extra to get one that has the features that you are looking for in your heat gun.

The following are reviews of some of the best heat guns on the market as well as a buyers guide to help you help make a smart purchasing decision. Having all of the information about these models can ensure you make a decision that will be right for your needs as well as your budget

The 10 Best Heat Guns with Reviews

Here’s a list of the top heat guns we found:

1.  DEWALT D26950 Heat Gun


  • A hanging ring that is built in for easy storage.
  • Adjustable temperature control
  • Ability to adjust the heat from 120 degrees Fahrenheit to 1100 degrees.


  • No LCD screen.
  • Temperature adjustment can be a little difficult
  • Limited accessories

Product Overview:

Sometimes with a heat gun, it is what you don’t see that can make all of the difference. This is not a model that will make the list for being one of the best of the best as it does not have all of the fancy features that many of the others have. One thing you can be sure of is the fact that this gun will have temperature control that while it will not give you the same level of accuracy, still will allow you to tweak the temperature to get as close as you can to the preferred range.

One thing that will stand out to you on this is the fact that the metal hook will allow for a wide range of options for you to hang it and store. This will also help you to have the way to hang this to cool down after use. If you are interested in the range of temperature, then you will be impressed by the fact that it can go as low as 120 and will go all the way to the temperature of 1100. This is a huge advantage as it will allow you to tackle a wider range of projects.

If you are on a budget and don’t want to overspend then you will want to make a decision about this model as this falls in the middle of the road in terms of price. This is one of the more reasonably priced products that you will find on the market.

2. Master Appliance (HG-301A) HG Series Commercial Heat Gun

Product Overview:

Having a tool that will deliver the level of results that you expect in a commercial setting is crucial for a person to have. There are a large number of companies that are popping up all the time doing vehicle wraps that are having a difficult time finding a heat gun that delivers consistently.

One thing that you will notice is the fact that there is no LCD screen making getting a perfect temperature control a bit of a challenge. This along with there only being two settings means you will have to work to see which settings work for the right application.

The price will be perfect for your budget, you will simply need to make sure that you look at all of the others and see which ones are the right fit with the right price. Often times this will be at the top of your list on a regular basis.


  • Well Priced and built to last.
  • Lightweight making it easy to hold for long periods of time.
  • Durable and well designed.


  • Lacks a true temperature control.
  • Comes with minimal accessories.
  • No stand to support it while cooling off after use.

3. Porter-Cable PC1500HG

Product Overview

Coming from a name you have trusted for years, you will be amazed at the fact that the company makes an amazing heat gun for a fraction of the price that many others on the market will be asking for. There is no reason why this heat gun will not be at the top of your list when it comes time for you to make a purchase decision.


  • Durable construction and well designed.
  • Another lightweight option.
  • Excellent value to price.


  • No warranty.
  • No LCD screen or display.

4. Hitachi RH650V

Product Overview

For a company that used to make electronics, this heat gun is at the top of the list of ones to review. There is a long line of others that you might want to try and use, but the truth is that this is a durable product that will deliver results time and time again. Regardless of if you are trying to heat an engine or to apply a vehicle wrap, you will find this to be the perfect product for you to use and add into your garage. You will find this to be the best heat gun.


  • Comfortable in hand.
  • Durable and well designed from a well known company.


  • Temperature control is not precise so you will need to account for this.
  • No accessories included.

5. Black+Decker HG1300

Product Overview

Black +Decker is a name that people have trusted for a long number of years for their various products. It would only make sense that the heat gun you decide to buy should be one of these as well. There are a number of things that helps to separate this as being a good purchase decision. The one thing that does tend to hurt this gun is the fact that it is similar with others with on the market plain in regards to features and accessories. This can be a hindrance and this will lead to the heat gun getting lost in the mix with all of the others on the market.

The affordable price makes it a wise choice as this is very much an affordable heat gun and will be a super good thing to have for a person that has never really used a heat gun. While the price is lower than some of the others on the market, it does stand out on its own with a stand that will allow you to be able to let the heat gun cool after use.

A heat gun with its own stand is a feature that many other guns on the market do not have the ability to brag about. With this being the case, you can rest assured that your gun will be in a safe position to help it cool and no one will get harmed as a result of accidentally touching it.


  • Best heat gun with a Built-in stand to allow for cooling.
  • Easy to handle.
  • Light and easy to be carry around.


  • Limited temperature options with only two heat settings.
  • No LCD screen to view temperature.

6. Dewalt D26960

Product Overview

When you are looking for the Lamborghini of heat guns, then this is the one that you are wanting to put your money into. The list of features for this goes on and on for a while. There are a million reasons why this is a good purchases decision but we are still going to cover a few of these in the next couple of sections. The main thing that many of the others that we have reviewed is the fact that it has an LCD screen that makes controlling the temperature very easy and precise. This along with the fact that the grip is very comfortable and makes for it to be used for a long number of hours at a time.

There is also a stand as well as a built-in ring that makes storage and cooling off a breeze and reduces the chance of injury from touching a hot surface. With the stand, it allows the gun to sit comfortably without it tipping over.

There is the topic of the price that must be talked about as there is a bit of a price tag for all of this comfort. At the higher end of the price range, you will see that while the price tag is a little excessive. Though the list of features is more than perfect for a person to use and see for themselves the advantages that this heat gun can have especially if you are using it in a commercial application and will be needing something that will be comfortable to use on a regular basis.


  • Built in hook for hanging up after use.
  • Can handle being used for extended periods of time
  • Durable and professional quality.


  • On the higher end of the price range.
  • Does not include a storage case.

7. Wagner HT1000

Product Overview

If you are looking to just get a heat gun that is basic and won’t break the bank, then the ideal thing that you will want to do is to read on and see the things that make this a great heat gun to buy for a price that is almost a steal. There are no real bells and whistles that you will find on this product, but the heat gun will give you a quality level performance when it is needed the most.

The big thing that stands out is the fact that this has only two settings for you to use for your heat adjustment. This can be looked at as a bit of a disadvantage to a person that is needing a more accurate and versatile heat adjustment. If you are not concerned about this though, then this will not be that big of a disadvantage

As mentioned earlier, this has a price range that will fit in almost any budget.


  • Easy to adjust temperature settings
  • One of the more durable options in this list.


  • No Accessories
  • Limited temperature settings

8.  Wagner Furno 300

Product Overview

if you are just getting started in working with heat guns, then you will want to make it a point that you look at this model as it is nothing fancy, but it is one that has enough features that will give you a real feel of how this tool operates and how useful this tool can be for you to use in a large number of applications.

The temperature controls are pretty standard and consist of two settings. Low and high. You will have to use the product yourself to get a feel of what settings work best for each type of application. Taking control of heat range you will have a limited amount of options that you will have to think about. While there are no real bells and whistles, on this model, you will still have plenty of reason to head out and make a purchase decision. This is the best heat gun you can buy at this price point as the price will fit into almost any budget that is set aside for a project.


  • Temperature is easy to adjust.
  • Affordable even for beginners.


  • Does not include a stand, making it more difficult to cool off.
  • No LCD screen and limited temperature options.

9. Genesis GHG1500A

Product Overview

Sleek and stylish are two words that come to mind when talking about this model of heat gun. It is easy to say that this is the best heat gun, but the real test when you look at the number of features that this tool has. While you are not going to get an LCD screen with this item, you will get a tool that delivers the level of results that you typically expect on a regular basis. While you don’t get the nice feature of an LCD screen, the tool is still very easy to use for a wide range of projects.

In these days an item that is affordable is something that is sought out more and more and more. It is for this reason that you will have a product that you can use and that will be well within whatever budget that you have set aside for yourself and prevent this from breaking the bank.


  • Affordable for any budget.
  • Comes with a number of accessories.
  • A great tool for beginners due to its ease of use.


  • Does not include a stand, making it more difficult to cool off.
  • No LCD screen to view temperature.
  • Does not include a cord protector.

10. Wagner Spraytech HT400 Compact

Product Overview

Smaller is sometimes better and that is the case with this model of heat gun. Before you get carried away, the first thing that you need to know is that this is a small compact design and as such you are not going to be doing any car wraps anytime soon. If you are looking for a heat gun that delivers a more controlled application, then you are in luck with this one as it will deliver the results you need for a more personal application. This is not a lot like any of the others that have been reviewed mainly for the fact that this is more of a pen than it is a gun.

This innovative design means that you have better control over where you are applying the heat to the item is designed to be held like a pencil so it will have a bit of a learning curve that you will have to adjust to. Other than that, you will quickly see that this is a good tool to have in your garage for those smaller jobs where you don’t need a large gun to get the job completed.

You will want to know that the maximum temperature that this can reach is 650 degrees and comes in at a great price point. So you will easily be able to add this tool in addition to a larger heat gun, while still maintaining your budget.  


  • Small In size.
  • Great price to value.
  • Retractable stand to allow for easy cooling after use.


  • No temperature adjustment.
  • No LCD temperature display.
  • Small learning curve to use the tool.


As you are able to see, any of these heat guns would make for a very wise choice for a person to buy and use for any project that they have coming up. No matter if you were a novice and knew nothing about heat guns or if you were a pro that learned a few new things, this article hopefully helped.

The end result is that you are able to see the features that each of these has and learn how they compare with one another. So the more that you know, then the better prepared you will be when you go to buy your next heat gun for your project.

Buyers Guide: Best Heat Gun

The above list of heat guns is quite impressive, the issue is trying to find the right heat gun for your exact needs and one that will also fit into your budget. While any one of these would be a great addition to your garage, this part of the buying guide will show you the things that you need to make sure that you consider when you make a purchase decision. Knowing in advance some of the things to look for will help you to narrow down your choices and allow you to find a heat gun that will fit your needs as well as your budget.

How to use a heat gun

Purchasing a Heat GunWhat to Consider

  1. Look to see if the heat gun that you want to buy has an LCD screen. These can make the use of the gun a lot easier as you can control the temperature. In addition to getting a more accurate range of temperature. Most of the time you will find LCD screens on higher end models. As a result, you will pay extra for the gun but will have the added bonus of being able to accurately direct heat where you need it to be as well as have accurate control over the temperature.

  2. Be sure that the heat gun has a way to control the temperature. No matter what model you buy, there will be some sort of control over the temperature of the heat gun. Basic less priced models will have a couple of settings that you can choose from if you want to put a little more money into the effort, then you can always buy a model that allows you to select a more accurate temperature control. The difference will simply come down to a matter of how much control do you want to have over the temperature that you are applying to the surface.

  3. Look at what the range will be for the temperature on the model you are thinking about. Most of the basic models will range from 750 to as much as 1000 degrees. If you buy one of the more advanced models then your temperature range can be between 120 to 1200 degrees. The better the range is, then the more applications that the heat gun will be ideal for.

  4. Look at the accessories that will be included in the package that you select. While you may only need some basic nozzles, you may want to spend the extra money and get a model that includes a scraper along as part of the accessories for the heat gun. It will be a little extra out of your pocket, but you will be glad in the end that you spent the extra money to get the extra accessories.

Heat gun resting on top of work gloves

Looking at the Ways that Heat Guns Can be Beneficial

heat guns can be great in helping to heat up pipes that are frozen. When you have pipes that have frozen, getting a heat gun on the pipe will help to stop the process and prevent the pipe from over expanding and as a result bursting. These are one of the best ways of dealing with a pipe that is frozen and helps to in the end reduce the amount of money that you will have to pay out to replace a burst pipe.

If you have a bolt that is rusted, then the use of a heat gun can help you to loosen this and allow it to be moved a lot easier than if you use something like WD-40 or other items designed to break loose a bolt or not that has rusted in place. This can also take a lot less time than if you try to break it loose with other methods.

If you are doing electrical work, then you can use a heat gun to melt plastic and make the job a lot easier. Often times the use of a heat gun will take a job that would normally take you up to an hour or longer can be done a lot sooner with the use of a heat gun.



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