Best Full Face Respirator Masks (Updated 2020)

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In a Rush? Here’s 3 full face respirator masks that we thought you would be interested in depending on your budget range and project requirements.


3M 7162 Full-Face Organic Vapor Respirator

“A simple and comfortable to wear full-face respirator, easy to put in new-cartridges, and not too expensive. Can be a little heavy compared to lighter masks. “


North 760008A Silicone Full Facepiece Respirators at Amazon

“Featuring a full facepiece mask, poly-carbonate lens, and comfortable fit, this mask packs a ton of value while meeting ANSI standards.”


3M Full Facepiece Reusable Respirator 6800 at Amazon

“A great budget mask for those who don’t want to spend a lot but still want a full face mask that is comfortable and built well.”

A disposable face mask never did a great job while I would be blowing away leaves or repainting my fence, and I always felt like I had dust in my lungs or would get woozy from paint fumes. I wish I would’ve heard about full face respirator masks beforehand, since they do a more effective job in protecting you from any harmful air pollutants.

If you’re going through the same problem, I’d be happy to recommend some of the best full face respirator masks so you can work in low-quality air environments as well

The Best Full Face Respirator Masks with Reviews

Here’s a list of the best full face respirator masks we found:

1. 3M 07162 Full-Face Respirator Packout Organic Vapor


  • Most ideal for painters or if you deal with toxic fumes.
  • Doesn’t fog up.
  • Lens allow for clear vision.
  • Organic vapor cartridges.


  • Uncomfortable to wear with glasses on and seal won’t be secure.
  • Large size still may be small for some.
  • Feels heavy to wear and can tire your neck.
  • Will not seal all the way if you have facial hair.

Product Overview:

This is one of the most recommended full face respirator masks if you work with a lot of paint, stain, or sealant. It easily adapts to supplied air systems with high and low pressures with any combination configurations including cartridge and filter capabilities. Both can be replaced quite easily and are available in the 3M packout.

Safety and comfort are ensured since this mask company is officially licensed by NASCAR and is ideal for painters, workers, and technicians. When you purchase the mask, it comes with the full face piece respirator, two organic vapor cartridges, two filter retainers, four P95 filters, and two face shield covers. The organic vapor cartridges are the most practical to use if you have chemical sensitivity and will help prevent you from getting migraines from fumes.

The mask isn’t very comfortable if you’re wearing glasses and the mask won’t seal all the way. Also, the large size may still be too small for some people and might require the occasional re-application of pressure to maintain the seal.

2. Honeywell North Silicone Full Face Respirator


  • 200° field of vision and minimized distortion in lens.
  • Oral nasal cup to prevent fogging.
  • 5-strap harness for a secure fit.
  • Comfortable to wear and can rest on the neck when not in use.


  • Doesn’t fit if you wear prescription glasses.
  • Cartridges and filters are sold separately.
  • Lens can potentially scratch easily.

Product Overview:

The North Silicone mask gives you the best value for its effective features. It has a hard-coated polycarbonate lens that gives you a wide 200° field of vision which is highly useful if you need to be aware of your surroundings in dangerous and dusty environments. The lens are also specially designed to minimize distortion so you don’t get dizzy or disoriented and they also meet ANSI standards for high impact and penetration resistance.

For optimal fit and comfort, the mask is equipped with dual sealing flange and 100% silicone construction. The face piece fits properly to the contours of your face thanks to the convenient chin cup, although this may be annoying to some who don’t like the feeling of their chin being covered. The speaking diaphragm allows for clear communication with others and the oral nasal cup prevents your lens from fogging up.

The mask features direct cartridge-to-facepiece connection for easier breathing and the 5-strap harness allows for a secure fit so that you may work with a peace of mind. If you don’t need the respirator but don’t want to fully take it off, the neck strap lets you “park” the mask so you can easily put it back on when getting back to work.

The Honeywell silicone respirator can be adapted to PAPR or supplied air and is NIOSH approved for further safety. Unfortunately, the cartridges and filters are sold separately for this model. The mask also isn’t practical to use if you wear prescription glasses, although North does make frame inserts that adapts to the mask where you can install prescription lenses.

3. Holulo Organic Vapor Full Face Respirator With Visor Protection


  • Practical for painting projects.
  • Straps are secure and easy to use.
  • Mask comes with protective film on the face shield.
  • Activated carbon respirators and double filtration system for easier breathing.


  • Can’t be worn with glasses.
  • No speaking diaphragm included.
  • Filters are attached to mask upon arrival with no seal or cover.

Product Overview:

The Holulo Organic Vapor full-face respirator is the best for those with a budget but still want decent protective qualities from a full-face mask. It’s made from high quality silicone and was originally intended to help workers in low quality air environments, such as when you are painting or cutting concrete. Holulo has engaged in safety equipment and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for quite some time, and really have refined their masks.

The activated carbon respirator works to block out organic gases and vapors, alcohols, ash, tear gas, carbon dioxide, and a lot more. The double filtration system provides you with reduced breathing resistance and fair weight distribution so the mask doesn’t feel too heavy. This is beneficial so you won’t end up with a neck ache and are forced to take off the mask.

The polycarbonate lense are double-sided and are designed to prevent fogging so that you’re more aware of your surroundings. The mesh headband fits comfortably with minimal pinching or pulling and the mask snugly fits your face so that no gas may intrude.

It’s a bit uncomfortable to wear if you need to wear prescription glasses. If you do wear them underneath the mask, it’s not guaranteed that the respirator will fully seal. The plastic seems thin near the attachment points, but they should be fine if the mask isn’t put through a lot of abuse. There also isn’t a speaking diaphragm equipped so if you need to communicate to others as you work, your voice will sound muffled.

4.  3M Ultimate FX Full Facepiece Reusable Respirator


  • Cool FlowTM Valve helps release hot, humid air for easier breathing.
  • Passive speaking diaphragm enhances communication.
  • Soft silicone and faceseal for comfortable wear.
  • Approved with 3M cartridges, filters, or supplied air system for versatility.
  • Great range of view with wide lens.


  • Can’t use with any prescription glasses.
  • Not easy to do a pressure check with.
  • No valve to let out accumulated sweat.

Product Overview:

This is one of the best full face respirator masks that both keeps your vision clear with its Scotchgard (TM) protected lens and helps to protect you from breathing in airborne contaminants. You can easily wipe off any paint, stains, and other liquids from the large lens and the wide field of view enhances what you can see for better spatial awareness.

The mask is rather versatile for you can use 3M particulate filters, gas/vapor cartridges and supplied air systems with it. While some masks tend to gather up a lot of hot air making it hard to breathe, the 3MTM Cool FlowTM Valve makes breathing easier by releasing humid air within the respirator. This is especially helpful if you work during the summer and also prevents your lens from fogging up.

It can be hard to hear someone talk through a respirator mask, and oftentimes it’s too dangerous to take off your respirator just to be heard clearly. Thankfully, the 3M features a passive speaking diaphragm so that you can communicate with others clearly without having to remove the face piece.

In regards to comfort, the 3M is equipped with a head cradle to reduce any pressure points and hair pinching, a soft silicone nose cup and face seal to soften heavy contact areas of the mask, and bonded silicone gaskets to prevent any from getting loose. There are six straps that wrap around the head to get rid of any shifting and constant readjustment, and they are extremely durable for they’ve been tested with over one million pulls.

Keep in mind that if you wear glasses, you can’t wear the respirator without breaking the face seal gasket.

5. Mestel Israeli NATO Military Spec Full Face Mask Respirator


  • Relatively lightweight and comfortable to wear.
  • Clear field of view with little to no distortion.
  • 6 straps for extra security and effective seal.
  • Easy maintenance and usability.


  • Can’t wear with glasses unless spectacle frame insert is equipped.
  • Canister tends to stick out which makes mask heavy towards the front.
  • Filters are not included, sold separately.

Product Overview:

The Mestel Israeli full face mask respirator is originally designed to meet Israeli and NATO military and civil defence requirements. Its production is also subcontracted by the official manufacturer of the Israel Defence Forces (or IDF) to ensure security and safety. It comes in both medium and large sizes and is generally made to be a one size fits all, although the large seems to still be small.

The face shield is treated with ballistic and anti-chemical properties with a single front filter connection. The silicone face seal is rather strong and is ideal for long period use. The large field of vision lets you have optimal spatial awareness and the headpiece is secured by 6 straps that are easily adjustable to comfortably fit over your face.

The mask has an internal nose and mouthpiece to allow for air to pass through the visor without condensation or fogging. This feature additionally reduces unused space inside the respirator to prevent the accumulation of carbon dioxide from the air that’s exhaled. The Mestel Israeli mask can be used with all 40mm filter cartridges, although these are sold separately.

The canister also tends to stick out which can make the mask unnecessarily heavy, but if it’s angled down, it makes the mask much more comfortable to wear for an extended period of time. When looking towards the size of the lens, there is minimal distortion so you don’t get a headache or get dizzy.

6. 3M Powerflow Face-Mounted Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR), Respiratory Protection 6900PF


  • Compact design for a snug fit
  • Battery lasts up to 8 hours.
  • Lightweight and well-balanced for less neck aches.
  • Practical for asbestos, mold, and toxic particles.


  • Cartridge is not included.
  • Can’t be worn with glasses and won’t seal correctly with facial hair.
  • Battery packs are costly.

Product Overview:

This 3M respirator is a battery-operated unit that can increase wearer productivity without having to wear a blower unit at your waist. The battery life of the rechargeable battery lasts up to 8 hours and certain PAPR systems provide a more optimal level of respiratory protection than non-powered air filtering respirators.

Because the respirator provides a constant flow of air, this can have a nice cooling effect which is great for when you’re working on those hot days in the sun. The battery-powered blower pulls the air through the filter which decreases additional breathing resistance for you. This blower unit can be mounted on the face, waist, or head depending on what’s most comfortable.

The 3M Powerflow system delivers a minimum of 4 cubic feet of air per minute when used with the filter. This respirator in particular uses the popular 6000 series face piece and its highly protective face shield meets high impact requirements of ANSI. The mask is ideal for if you’re working in environments filled with asbestos, lead, mold, and other similar hazardous materials.

If you wear glasses or have a full beard, the respirator might not fit over your face correctly and there’s also no guarantee it’ll seal all the way. You can always buy another battery pack in case anything happens to the one the mask comes with, although they are pricey. If you wish to power the battery more easily using a portable power bank/charger, you may also use an adapter although it is not included.

7. Organic Vapor Respirator Full-face gas mask with Double Activated Carbon Air Filter


  • Large and wide lens for premium visibility
  • Activated carbon filters prevents you from breathing in contaminants
  • 5 adjustable straps for a firm seal
  • Anti-fog layer for clear vision and less condensation


  • Uncomfortable when worn with glasses
  • Can’t be worn if you have a beard
  • Not meant for heavy industrial use
  • A bit heavy on the face

Product Overview:

Made with premium quality at an affordable price, this professional protective respirator meets ASTM standards to ensure optimal safety and usability. There are 5 adjustable straps that you can tighten to fit snugly to your face and the large anti-scratch lenses are coated with an anti-fog layer so that you have clear vision when working in humid areas and to prevent condensation.

The lenses are also large and wide so that your peripheral vision isn’t blocked and you have plenty of spatial awareness. The effective airflow design of the mask allows you to breathe easily and also has a voice diaphragm so that you can speak clearly to anyone nearby. Additionally, the activated carbon air filters work to keep air contaminants such as benzene, chlorine, acetone, carbon disulfide, organic gases, and other vapors out of your lungs.

The UOPASD mask is ideal for if you work around chemicals, spray paint, a hazardous lab, or even fire-fighting. It’s a one size fits all, but it will even fit large faces and heads rather comfortably. If your lenses ever get dirty, it’s recommended to use fresh water to clean them, but avoid using detergent for that will destroy the anti-fog layer.

The mask isn’t meant to be worn with glasses on for the seal won’t be secure and it’ll be uncomfortable around the temples. If you wear your hair in a ponytail, the position of the straps might make it difficult, so a hairnet could be an alternative.

8. Complete Suit Trudsafe 6800 Painting Spraying Full Face Gas Chemical Mask Respirator


  • Equipped with both Bayonet and RD40 connections.
  • Includes Organic Vapor cartridges and Particulate Cotton filters.
  • Lens is anti-fog and shock resistant with wide field of view.
  • Made of high quality silicone for convenience and durability.
  • Comfortable to wear with no heavy pressure.


  • Won’t fit with glasses on
  • Rubber inside mask collects dust easily
  • Large size still may be small for some users

Product Overview:

This full respirator mask by Trudsafe is equipped with two types of connections, a Bayonet connection and RD40 connection. These are standard connectors so they can fit many popular brands such as 3M. The mask comes with Organic Vapor cartridges already and the Particulate Cotton filters which means both oily and non-oily particles are filtered out.

If you deal in chemical cleanup, painting, welding, furnace operations, or mechanical assembly, this respirator is widely used in such operations and is highly recommended. It has gone through a series of lab testing by the FDA to fully ensure its quality and safety. Because the mask’s design is snug to the face, you can have a peace of mind knowing that it’s sealed securely to keep out toxic air contaminants.

The 5 point harness and mesh headband work to protect your head and hair with little to no pulling or pinching. It also relieves any heavy pressure while keeping a consistent seal. The polycarbonate lens is made with anti-fog and environmental protection material so that you can have a clear view as well as shock resistance in dangerous environments.

To prevent any condensation and accumulated heat, the high flow air outlet valve at the front of the mask reduces gathered heat so that you can exhale more smoothly. This mask isn’t very comfortable to wear with glasses, so keep this in mind if you need prescription glasses to see in general. Also, the rubber inside the respirator tends to be clingy which results in a lot of dust getting stuck onto it. This is easy to clean with a damp rag.

Buyer’s Guide: Full Face Respirator Masks

Types of Respirators

Typically, there are 3 types of respirators which are disposable, half-mask, and full-mask.


Disposable dust masks are the most common type of particulate filter for home use. They cover your nose and mouth and can be used up to a couple of times before they need to be thrown away. They also provide protection from airborne particles such as dust, mists, liquids, and fumes but they don’t protect you from gases or vapors.


Half-masks also cover the nose and mouth but offer replaceable air-purifying cartridges and filters. These are able to filter gases and vapors and are more suitable in the workplace, but they often need to be worn with protective goggles since they don’t cover the eyes.


Full masks are the safest since they cover the entire face without obscuring your vision and often offer shock resistance lens. They seal securely to your face and come with replaceable air-purifying cartridges and filters. Sometimes they have a battery-powered fan that blows air through the filter to give you an easier time breathing.

Full-face respirators belong in the category of gas or vapor respirators and they usually come with cartridges attached to them. While these cartridges don’t necessarily protect you from particles, you can surely combine them with particulate filters that fit the masks.

You’ll notice that there are different color cartridges and each color represents what they best protect against. These typically include:

  • Yellow: filters out organic vapor/acid gases
  • Black: filters out organic vapor
  • Pink: filters out ammonia gas
  • White: filters out acid gases

Make sure to store unused cartridges properly and refrain from using them after they’ve expired to prevent harm to your breathing. While you’re using the cartridges, be sure to replace them periodically to maintain their protection level. Once their capacity to absorb harmful contaminants has exceeded, they don’t offer protection anymore.

Man wearing Respirator Mask

Using a Respirator Mask

When using full face respirator masks, be sure that you understand and follow the manufacturer’s instructions to avoid any injury. Not every respirator can handle every type of situation.

Respirators labeled with NIOSH are certified by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, but you must make sure it’s certified for the specific hazards in your work environment.

Air-purifying masks need to have a secure and tight seal on your face for it be effective and it must be the right size to ensure there’s no way for toxic chemicals to make their way through. These masks work best if you have little to no obstructions on your face (full beard, sideburns, earrings, etc.) for they can potentially prevent the mask from sealing correctly.

Be mindful to check if your respirator is labeled for only homeowner/DIY use or workplace/occupation use. DIY use is typically weaker in protection and won’t protect you from harsh chemical pollutants in the air.

Valved or vented respirators give you an easier time exhaling and reduces heat buildup so that you’re more comfortable. They also prevent your mask lens from fogging up and obscuring your field of vision.



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