Best Cheap Paint Sprayer Under $200 (2020)

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The Top 5 Best Cheap Paint Sprayer

Here’s a list of the best cheap sprayers we found.

  1. Wagner Flexio 590
  2. HomeRight Finish Max C800766
  3. Wagner 0518050 Control Spray Double Duty Paint Sprayer
  4. Wagner 0518080 Control Spray Max HVLP Sprayer
  5. Tacklife SGP16AC Advanced Electric

We get it, paint sprayers can seem expensive when you start reviewing the options on the market, and that’s not even factoring in whether you will need to purchase an additional air compressor or not. But that doesn’t mean you are limited to a brush or power roller forever, there are in fact many cheap paint sprayers that can help you achieve a high-quality finish without breaking the bank.

With the aid of a good HVLP or airless paint sprayer you’ll be able to complete painting projects faster than ever. To help make your decision a bit easier, our team has assembled a list of the top 5 best cheap sprayers on the market, categorizing them for you based on your needs and budget.

Best Cheap Paint Sprayers with Reviews

1. Wagner Flexio 590 (Best in Our List)

Product review

One of the top reviewed and cheapest paint sprayers on the market this is a great unit for the do-it-yourselfer or professional who needs a dependable backup tool. While small in size this is a highly portable HVLP unit that is easy to move around and it suitable for most projects around the house. Featuring an iSpray nozzle and an x-boost turbine, this paint sprayer can achieve any finish you require, with solid pressure, while being versatile at the same time.

The iSpray nozzle allows for the application for a range of different paints and stains without the need for paint thinner and comes out of the box with a detail nozzle allowing you to paint harder to reach areas and smaller projects without any hassle.

In comparison to a roller or hand brush this can complete projects much faster with a better quality finish – not only saving you time but making everything you paint look better.

For the price this Wagner can’t be beat, and is a definitely a great addition to any homeowners tool kit or garage.

2. HomeRight Finish Max C800766

Product review

Another great HVLP (High Volume, Low Pressure) unit that comes highly reviewed, with a ton of power, solid control, and a great price point. The HomeRight Finish Max C800766 is cheap but still really shines in the quality department while still offering a range of features you would typically see in a more expensive unit.

These features include adjustable nozzles and flow controls, which allow you to achieve a smooth finish at whatever angle you need.

One interesting component of an HVLP sprayer for a first time user is it’s sound, do not be surprised if your sprayer sounds like a vacuum cleaner, this is due to it’s high volume low pressure functionality. Additionally, this paint sprayer is super easy to maintain, requiring only a quick wash after each use to ensure it’s ready for your next project around the home.

Overall, this is definitely a paint sprayer to consider. While it may not be the most professional unit, it’s built to last, packs a lot of power, and will surely be able to help you with any projects you need to finish around the house.

3. Wagner 0518050 Control Spray Double Duty Paint Sprayer

Product review

Looking for a cheap paint sprayer that does not struggle with overspray and fine finishes like some of the other lower cost sprayers? Look no further than the Wagner Double Duty Paint Sprayer, this unit gives you all the control you need to ensure your paint application is perfect every time with adjustable controls and a nozzle that offers three spray patterns. Allowing you to apply the paint in whatever way you need, whether your painting a wall or furniture. While coming with a built in control knob that allows you refine the flow and pattern of paint you spray.

One downside our team wants to note when reviewing this paint sprayer is it’s build quality. The sprayer is made out of plastic and while it may weigh less than a professional sprayer it may also not last as long as a result of the materials. Something to consider if this is a paint sprayer you will have to rely on for work or contracting. Though, with that being said this paint sprayer can get started painting much faster than a larger unit, requiring less set up than it’s bigger brothers, while having an easy to use compact size.

Ultimately, this is a great paint sprayer for small projects around the house like painting cabinets, furniture, or walls. But do not expect a professional quality unit suitable for painting house exteriors or the like.

4. Wagner 0518080 Control Spray Max HVLP Sprayer

Product review

Built to handle all the projects you can throw at it the Wagner Control Spray Max HVLP paint sprayer is a great choice for the homeowner or DIYer who just wants a single tool. Not only can this paint sprayer utilize different paints including thick acrylics and thin stains but it also maintains a lightweight, making it great for projects where you require a certain amount of mobility. Furthermore, with the features included out of the box, you can achieve any finish you need with this paint sprayer, making it great for the beginner or hobbyist who needs something for occasional projects

What makes this paint sprayer even better for its price its two stage turbine. This core feature enables the sprayer to handle any thickness of paint without sacrificing on quality (think latex vs. acrylic or oil), which can be a downside of other paint sprayers on the market. Moreover, this paint sprayer comes with a 20 foot long house enabling you to also tackle projects outdoors where you may need the additional length.

When looking for a new sprayer on a budget, make sure to check this one out, it’s worth your time to consider.

5. Tacklife SGP16AC Advanced Electric

Product review

While this may be the last paint sprayer on our list that does not mean its the worst! This cheap sprayer is great for the homeowner who needs a simple affordable unit to complete small projects around the house, such as painting walls, furniture or cabinets. Built out of plastic, this paint sprayer maintains a lightweight and high-quality finish, with many online buyers noting the build quality is excellent and the tool is very versatile.

Coming out of the box with a range of features including a cleaning needle, and brush, as well as a 900ml detachable paint canister this unit is not only easy to refill but also to maintain. Built with parts that can all be removed and washed with your favorite paint cleaner or soap.

This paint sprayer also features an adjustable nozzle that offers a range paint application patterns.


These 5 cheap paint sprayers are some of the best units for the price on the market today. However, if you don’t find them suitable for your needs don’t hesitate to check out some more cheap paint sprayers here.

In conclusion, you do not need to break the bank to get a paint sprayer, there are in fact many reasonably priced and well built cheap paint sprayers on the market. But just because they are cheap doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice quality or features. Today we have reviewed 5 cheap paint sprayers that will service the DIYer or Homeowner well for years to come.

How To Choose The Best Cheap Paint Sprayers?

With all the different types of paint sprayers on the market today it can be hard to decide which one is best for you. From air sprayers, HVLP spray guns to airless paint sprayers there are many paint sprayers to consider and each one is a little different.

When evaluating which paint sprayer is right for you it is important to think about what you need out of your tool and what your budget is. Each type of paint sprayer can perform different types of projects, have varying degrees of power, and are typically used in specific scenarios so be aware of what your project demands.

As an example, if you are looking to complete a larger project like the outside of a house, you will definitely not want to use an HVLP sprayer due to their smaller size and lower coverage ability and consider a more professional option like an airless sprayer.

Moreover, you will also want to think about what features you need, some questions to think about include:

8 questions to ask when buying a cheap paint sprayer to ensure you end up with the best option

  1. Is portability important to you or do you need a large container for your paint?
  2. Can you afford the best or do you have a set amount you can spend?
  3. What type of paint finish or spray pattern are you trying to achieve?
  4. What surface will you be painting (furniture, walls, cabinets)?
  5. How much control is needed – Do you need adjustable pressure flow?
  6. How long of a hose do you require for your project?
  7. What type of liquid (Stain, Paint etc) will you be using?
  8. How often will you need to use this tool and which type or sprayer (HVLP vs Airless) do you require ?

These questions should all help guide you in selecting the best cheap paint sprayer for your needs.

While their seems to be a preconception that a good paint sprayer is super expensive that’s just not the case anymore with many of the leading brands such as Wagner and HomeRight making solid budget options that are easy to use for the casual user and homeowner who just needs a dependable tool for every now and then. To help guide you even further we have listed some questions to ask yourself below.

Man using a paint sprayer for cabinets
A man painting cabinets with a paint sprayer

5 tips on how to choose the best cheap paint sprayer

  1. For small projects choose a paint sprayer that features a hand held gun
  2. For large projects like cars our home exteriors consider an airless paint sprayer
  3. If you want one paint sprayer, make sure it’s nozzle comes with multiple settings
  4. If you want to achieve a range of finishes select a model with adjustable pressure
  5. To save on costs make sure your unit comes ready out of the box without the need for additional items like an air compressor or spray gun.

Ultimately, you will have to do your own research and determine what you need when selecting a cheap paint sprayer. Don’t be dissuaded in believing their aren’t great options in the sub $200 dollar range, just make sure to look around for the best price and ensure it has the features you need before making a purchase.



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