Best Airless Paint Sprayers of 2019

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We’ve all been there, you’re trying to paint a large area by hand and not only is it difficult, but tiring and often unreliable. When the scale of your paint project grows beyond the brush and there’s a demand for a high quality finish, you should consider checking out some of the best airless paint sprayers.

Whether you’re a hobbyist, property manager, homeowner, DIYer, or professional contractor a good airless paint sprayer will help you achieve a more consistent paint coating and speed up your painting projects. If you’ve found yourself looking for a new airless paint sprayer online, you may have a number of questions; especially with all the options available. That’s where we come in.

Having landed on this article, it’s clear you’ve already decided on one thing; to go with an airless paint sprayer. That means, you’ve decided to forgo an air sprayer in favour of a gas or electric pump, which ultimately makes the set up and operation of the sprayer easier, and allows for a more efficient paint transfer and speedier application.

To help you in narrowing down your choices, we suggest you consider the scale and type of surface you are looking to paint with your airless paint sprayer.

The Best Airless Paint Sprayers with Reviews

On this page:

  1. Graco Magnum 257025 Project Painter Plus Paint Sprayer
  2. HomeRight C800879 Power-Flo Pro 2800
  3. Wagner Spraytech 0529021 Paint Sprayer Flexio 890
  4. Wagner Spraytech 0525032
  5. Graco 16N673 TrueCoat Pro II
  6. Wagner 9175 Airless Twin Stroke Piston Pump Paint Sprayer
  7. Graco Magnum 262805 X7 Cart Airless Paint Sprayer
  8. Graco 17G180 Magnum ProX19
  9. Titan ControlMax 1700 High Efficiency
  10. Graco 390 ProConnect Electric Airless Paint Sprayer
  11. Graco 17G177 Magnum ProX17 Stand Paint Sprayer

Additional background:

Most sprayers available on the market will have different pumps, paint guns and hose lengths, which will all impact what airless sprayer will be best for you. Additionally, your paint choice will also influence which sprayer you go with, as well as any extra features, such as adjustable pressure settings.

To help make your decision a bit easier, our team has assembled a list of the fifteen best airless paint sprayers on the market today. Categorizing them for you based on needs and budget.

These hand selected and top rated paint sprayers are some of the best on the market.

In a Rush?

Depending on your budget our team has selected 3 of the best airless paint sprayers below that we thought you would find interesting.


Graco Magnum 257025 Project Painter Plus Paint Sprayer

  • Best pick overall if you’re looking for a powerful airless paint sprayer with a generous tank capacity suitable for heavy and prolonged use.


HomeRight C800879 Power-Flo Pro 2800

  • This is the best value for money airless paint sprayer, delivering pro-grade performance for less than you might imagine. One of the go-to-sellers on the market and backed by numerous happy users.


Wagner Spraytech 0529021 Paint Sprayer Flexio 890

  • If you’re on a budget, the Wagner Spraytech Flexio 0529021 is the best airless paint sprayer for you. Considering its size, the power and sprayer are surprisingly capable for both interior and exterior paint projects.

The 15 Best Airless Paint Sprayers

Here’s a list of the Best Airless Paint Sprayers we found:

1. Graco Magnum 257025 Project Painter Plus Paint Sprayer

  • Fully adjustable pressure and flow
  • PowerFlush Adapter connects with any garden hose to enable fast and easy cleaning
  • Annual use suggestion: 50 gallons per year
  • Weighs: 10 lbs
  • Warranty: 1 year limited warranty
  • Dimensions: 12 x 13.5 x 13.5 inches
  • Product includes: SG2 Metal Spray Gun, RAC IV 515 SwitchTip, 25 ft. Duraflex Paint Hose, Pump Armor Storage Fluid, PowerFlush Adapter, Quick Start-Up Guide and Operation Manual.

The Good

  • This airless paint sprayer works flawlessly for all tasks it was set out to be used for. It can handle unthinned paints and produce a broad range of even coats using either stains, paint, or latex.  This makes it well suited for decks, sheds, larger interior projects and more. Additionally, as the unit comes with a 50’ hose, you will always have plenty of length to paint. This is a great feature when you’re considering outdoor projects such as a homes exterior.

The Not so Good

  • Some users report that the tip that was provided with their sprayer didn’t work as explained. Though they did note the sprayer was excellent for the price and worked perfectly once tips we’re switched out on the machine.

Product Overview:

The first place spot for best airless sprayers of 2019 demands a tool that not only allows you to get the painting done professionally but also reliably.

We believe the Graco Magnum Project Painter Plus 257025 fits this bill and then some thanks to a quality build, fully adjustable pressure settings, and 50’ hose. Allowing you to paint all of your projects hardest to reach spots. Graco states that this airless sprayer is good for up to 50 gallons of paint per year, so price wise, you are getting an excellent tool for home or infrequent projects at work. Additionally, the sprayer comes with a 1 year limited warranty giving you moderate coverage on your newly purchased tool.

The tool can also spray from either a 5-gallon or 1-gallon enabling you to complete larger projects faster, with less refills in between.

So whether you’re a homeowner, contractor, hobbyist, or beginner, Graco Magnum Project Painter Plus 257025 will help deliver the results you’ve been looking for. With the airless sprayer truly shining, when it comes to indoor and outdoor home improvement projects like ceilings, sheds, decks or fences.

2. HomeRight C800879 Power-Flo Pro 2800

  • 1/2 HP motor, delivering 2800 psi
  • Includes 25 foot non-kink hose
  • Adjustable paint pressure knob
  • 1 gallon and 5 gallon paint buckets
  • Product Dimensions: 12.5 x 16 x 19.5 inches
  • Weight: 23 Lbs
  • Warranty: 2 year limited warranty

The Good

  • The HomeRight Power-Flo Pro 2800 airless sprayer lays on the paint smoothly, evenly, and quickly at a price range that can’t be beat. Additionally, HomeRight customer service is outstanding. Users report calling them and receiving replacement parts in a timely manner with exceptional product support.

The Not so Good

  • Some users report difficulty with the lack of range in paint gun filters provided out of the box. To mitigate this issue it is recommended you consider some additional filters and or tips for your gun to allow you to spray thick or thin paints and stains.

Product Overview:

Another top contender when it came to our review, the HomeRight C800879 Power-Flo Pro 2800 is a strong alternative to our first place suggestion. While it may lack the same amount of features as our first place pick, the HomeRight Power-Flo Pro performs surprisingly well with a 2800 PSI, ½ horse power motor, and a stable base. The stable base and powerful motor allows for the tool to produce a coat of paint that is as good if not better than most professional paint jobs, if you have the patience to learn how to use the airless paint sprayer properly.  

When considering this as our second place pick, the airless sprayers durability was also a deciding factor. While the price remains reasonable, the build quality rivaled much more expensive airless paint sprayers. This is paired with paint gun tips that are reversible, helping to prevent clogs and allowing for easier cleaning, with less hassle. In addition to, an inlet valve that uses non-stick ceramic components which are wear-resistant, ensuring the airless paint sprayer can withstand paint flowing through it at high pressures for years to come.

Overall, this is a great pick if your looking for one of the more durable airless paint sprayers.

3. Wagner Spraytech 0529021 Paint Sprayer Flexio 890

The Good

  • The Wagner Spraytech Flexio 890 is one of the best budget airless paint sprayers on the market, with a functional nozzle and mobile build this is a great portable sprayer for projects around the house.

Product Overview:

This is our top suggestion for beginners. When starting out, it is helpful to purchase an airless sprayer that provides a good feel for the airless painting experience. Especially, if this is your first time transitioning from a brush or roller to a sprayer of any kind. This makes the Wagner Spraytech Flexio 890 a great option, with a reasonable price, the electric and portable airless sprayer should be able to help you complete any painting project, large or small, that you need to get done.

Coming out of the box with a nozzle that is capable of tackling any surface you need covered, the tool also features a finishing nozzle that is great for when you just need to make minor changes or are just trying to put the finishing touches on a bigger project. Making this budget airless paint sprayer a great option for those who need a versatile and friendly option, that won’t break the bank.

But that’s not all. The Wagner Spraytech Flexio 890 mobility should also be considered when evaluating this airless sprayer option. With a design built to hold all the large and heavy components like the X-Boost pressure turbine, and pump in the base, you are guaranteed to get better control without having to cope with a heavy tool in your hands. Moreover the X-boost pressure turbine, provides an extra bit of power, enabling you to cover larger walls in less time.

4. Wagner Spraytech 0525032 

Product Overview:

On a budget and trying to keep it cheap? While we don’t always advise  purchasing the cheapest option, the Wagner Spraytech 0525032 is a great choice for those wanting to save money while not sacrificing durability. This airless paint sprayer maintains a lightweight profile and does away with the hose, bucket, and big gun you typically see with a more expensive sprayer. Opting for a simple setup where the bucket attaches directly to the gun.

While this may seem like a hassle when it comes to refilling, the paint bucket twists on and off with ease and locks securely; Giving you the ability to refill quickly without having to concern yourself with unintended paint spills.

For dealing with difficult spots the Wagner Spraytech 0525032 provides a multi-directional paint hose that you can tilt to any angle necessary while maintaining a consistent flow of paint.

In addition to a two speed electric control that allows you to steady the amount of paint you require for your project, preventing issues such as over spraying that can cause surfaces to look improper. Finally, the airless sprayer comes with a low paint indicator that will engage and let you know when you need to pause and refill your paint bucket.

5. Graco 16N673 TrueCoat Pro II

Not so Good

  • The airless sprayer comes with a paint bucket on the smaller side (3-gallons) requiring more constant refills, making it prone to unintended spills.

Product Overview:

The decision between an electric and a gas paint sprayer can be difficult, but the  Graco’s 16N673 TrueCoat Pro II makes electrics seem like an ideal option. From an easy setup process to the lack of need for gas or a constant air supply the Graco’s 16N673 TrueCoat Pro II is truly one of the best in it’s category. This airless sprayer works well for interior and exterior projects where you don’t need to cover a large surface. Featuring adjustable pressure settings allowing you to use a broad assortment of paints ranging from acrylics to thick latex.

For easy cleaning this airless sprayer includes a reversible tip, making removing paint clogs a breeze. In addition to including a tilt-n-spray suction tube that gives you paint pressure at any angle.

Overall, the Graco Truecoat Pro II airless paint sprayer is a capable sprayer for small projects around the home. Though just be aware the unit can only handle a couple gallons before needing to be refilled.

6. Wagner 9175 Airless Twin Stroke Piston Pump Paint Sprayer

Product Overview:

The Wagner 9175 airless paint sprayer is a commercial grade, heavy duty paint spraying machine. Built as a gas powered airless paint sprayer, you get the benefit of not being dependent on a power source. This benefit allows you to be more dynamic in how you paint, which is quite apparent when contrasted with electric motor paint sprayers and their limitations. Powered by a ¾ Horse Power motor that can hold pressures up to 3000 psi, the Wagner 9175 is easy to maintain and a breeze to use.

Where this gas airless paint sprayer truly shines is when you have to complete large projects. Capable of handling pretty much any type of paint you are using including stains, latex, acrylics, sealers and oil-based products you know you can get the job done with this paint sprayer. Additionally, the Wagner 9175 comes with a 5 gallon paint bucket that can be supported by a rolling cart, for when you need to hold a large amount of paint.

With all these features, plus the 50’ hose and the QuickFlo pusher valve which can stand up to even the most heavy use it’s easy to understand why people like this paint sprayer. We’ve linked product specs and data above to help you make a more informed choice.

7. Graco Magnum 262805 X7 Cart Airless Paint Sprayer

Product Overview:

The Graco Magnum 262805 X7 is a great airless paint sprayer for the DIY painter who needs a durable, compact, and reasonably priced sprayer for projects around the home. This airless paint spray is best for interior walls, ceilings, decks, sheds, and even exterior walls. And has the ability to use paints and stains with ease.

Backed by stainless steel pistons pumps the Graco Magnum 262805 X7 can safely handle up to 125 gallons each year, making it a good option if you paint on a semi to quarterly basis each year. In addition to the gallon limit, this airless paint sprayer has a 100’ hose which means you can reach anywhere without having to lug the sprayer around. The maximum capacity of the airless paint sprayer is 5 gallons, meaning you may still have to refill your buckets at times.

As a positive, this cart does come with a cart that has wheels making it a super convenient paint sprayer to carry around, in addition to, an adjustable pressure control and a PushPrime starter button.

Ultimately, this sprayer may not be best suited as a full time unit for a contractor, but it makes a great airless sprayer for the homeowner who needs a sturdy tool for projects  around the house

8. Graco 17G180 Magnum ProX19

The Good

  • The gun includes a built in swivel to allow for you to paint at all angles as well as the standard on all Graco models, PowerFlush Adapter, which allows for easy cleaning via quick connection to a garden hose.

Product Overview:

We had to include at least one professional airless paint sprayer in our list and the Graco’s 17G180 Magnum ProX19 fits that bill. This airless paint sprayer is for people who make a living painting exteriors, interiors and other larger surface projects such as homes. Often the mid range sprayers just don’t cut it when your trying to achieve a high-end finish. So if you need a tool that can handle the abuse of the jobsite than this airless paint sprayer may be the right choice for you. ] Ultimately, the Graco’s 17G180 Magnum ProX19 is hard to top when it comes to the professional paint sprayers on the market. Justifying its higher price tag through its diverse range of features and accessories guaranteed to make your life as a professional painter that much easier

If your stuck considering whether to go with a professional or a mid-range option think about how much power and capacity you require, as well as, how much wear you plan on putting your tool through.

The contrast between the options becomes apparent when reviewing the features and options, starting with an industrial 1 horsepower motor that can push up to 3000 PSI into the airless system. Rated by the manufactures for up to 500 gallons per year this tool allows for the professional to use this airless sprayer on jobsite after jobsite. Additionally, a 150’ hose allows for you to spray paint from a 1 or 5 gallon container through a SG3 metal spray gun that’s built for heavy duty jobs, without you having to concern yourself with running out of hose.

9. Titan ControlMax 1700 High Efficiency Airless Paint Sprayer

Not so Good

  • A noted downside of this gun when we researched it was it’s paint gun, which is minimal in nature and lacks a lot of features other brands have in this price range.

Product Overview:

When hunting for a sprayer with excellent speed, control and consistent spray, don’t look further than the Titan ControlMax 1700 PRO. This sprayer is heavy duty and is a product from Titan’s (HEA) High Efficiency Airless line. Housing a 0.6 horsepower motor, this sprayer can really ramp up the pressure when the project demands it. Providing up to 0.33 gallons per minute this airless sprayer is one of the best on the market for contracting and professional use.

This is backed by its ability to handle upwards of 300 gallons per year, as long as care is taken in cleaning the tool after each use. In addition to that, the sprayer features a durable metal frame with handles and two wheels making it highly mobile for when your working. This unit also comes with a 50 foot hose, allowing you to reach the hardest places with ease.

Moreover, this airless sprayer features excellent control and speed ensuring you achieve a consistent spray every time. Backed by a pump that features a 2 year limited warranty, covering any manufacturing issues that may occur during the start of your ownership period.One downside to this airless sprayer is its lack of gun filter which makes proper cleaning of the unit more difficult. Overall this is a great airless paint sprayers for the professional contractor looking for something affordable yet powerful and durable


Product Overview:

The Graco Magnum 261815 PRO X7 is a durable and affordable airless paint sprayer well suited for homeowners, and part-time contractors who need a reliable sprayer. The paint sprayer can handle up to 120 gallons of paint or stain per year. Weighing only 23 pounds this sprayer remains lightweight and easy to carry, with built in wheels making it great for moving around.

The paint sprayer can handle multiple paint types including latex, stains, and acrylics, making it a very versatile sprayer. Additionally, this model includes a built in filter, reversible tip, SG2 gun and a 25’ foot Duraflex hose, making it a solid contender, even when compared to more expensive competitors. This is paired with the ability to connect the airless sprayer to a garden hose which makes cleaning far more convenient than other options on the market.

What makes this unit even better (especially for beginners) is the manufacturers attention to the guide/ instructions, not only are they clear, but they’ve also included a DVD for visual learners and a quick start guide. Overall this is a great mid-range airless paint sprayer or a back-up for the dedicated painting contractor.


Product Overview:

The Krause and Becker airless paint sprayer is one of the more powerful yet affordable units we reviewed in this list, With a clean design and a ⅝ horsepower motor, putting out approximately 3000 psi this unit is ideal for the homeowner looking for a sprayer for DIY projects or as a backup unit for the professional contractor. This unit is built with a metal gun and and built-in filter helping to increase speed of cleanup, while preventing debris build up, making for a very clean spray.

But that’s not all, this sprayer also includes an adjustable pressure control, a stainless steel paint bucket, and a reversible 517 tip. The reversible tip helps make the cleaning process more efficient, while some users have reported the steel paint bucket keeping the paint smoother. This unit can also handle interchangeable tips if needed and can accept latex or acrylic based paints. One downside of this sprayer is it’s gallon limit, running at 0.3 gallons per minute, it can be slower than some of the higher pressure units we reviewed, but the Krause and Becker does make up for this with its power.

In conclusion this sprayer is a great buy for your money, not only does it include a lot of more expensive features, but it also features a great warranty. With that being said this is primarily a tool for the homeowner.  Professional contractors would be better off looking at some of the more expensive Gracos with a larger gallon limit


Product Overview:

If your looking to purchase an airless paint sprayer with commercial and property use in mind then look no further than the Titan Impact 440 Airless Paint Sprayer., Powered by a ⅞ horsepower motor with a 3300 psi capacity,  this sprayer was built to handle up to 0.54 gallons of paint per minute and a maximum paint tip size of 0.023. As a result, it’s clear this sprayer was built with performance in mind.

With that being said , a couple downsides to note include the lack of wheels and relatively high weight (35 pounds),  making this a tough sprayer to move around. While it comes with a built in handle, this unit is not as portable as it could be so if you are looking for something that’s easily mobile, you may be best served by another one of our selections.

With that being said, the Titan does come with some redeeming features including the permalife cylinder, built-in gun filter ,lifetime motor warranty, 50 foot long hose, and a 4 year manufacturer defect guarantee . Making this a unit a great sprayer for someone who needs something durable and reliable for projects a couple times a year.


Product Overview:

The Ultra Max II 490 PC Pro airless sprayer is a great unit for a professional contractor who is looking for a step up from a mid-range sprayer, but who still wants a compact unit. The sprayer houses a 1 horsepower MaxPower brushless motor that helps to deliver a high torque and 3300 psi, which is backed by a lifetime warranty.

This unit, as noted is on the smaller side of sprayers but that doesn’t mean it’s not built well. This model includes a SmartControl 3.0 which automatically adjusts the motor’s speed to ensure the unit achieves a consistent paint spray. A huge benefit.

This means as a professional contractor you can increase your productivity and achieve a more reliable finish on your jobs. But the increased productivity doesn’t end when the job is finished. This sprayer also comes with a system called Fast Flush. This FastFlush system helps with the cleaning process by allowing the motor to clear out stuck paint in the sprayer. Doing so by running at a higher RPM. Effectively cleaning the airless sprayer 4x faster with one half the amount of water a typical sprayer would require.

But that’s not all, The tool itself includes hardened steel gears, as well as a chromex rod and stainless steel cylinder. Helping to make the tool last longer. Overall, Graco’s new Ultra Max II 490 PC Pro makes an ideal airless sprayer for the professional contractor. And can be trusted to last for years to come with its lifetime warranty and steel components.


Product Overview:

The Campbell Hausfeld Airless Sprayer is a solid sprayer that can help you complete large interior projects with ease. Coming with a lifetime warranty, and a low cost. This sprayer maintains a high paint capacity and a ¾ horsepower motor (that can spray up to 0.34 gallons per minute). Making this a great option for the homeowner/ property manager, or as a backup for the professional contractor.

This model comes with a built in auto-level buck that helps contribute to  a smooth paint job. In addition to, a 25 foot hose out of the box with the ability to  handle up to 100 feet of hose if needed. One downside to note is the weight of this sprayer, coming in at 60 lbs approx due to its metal frame and larger size. So  if you were looking for something easy to move around, you may be better suited with another sprayer.

Overall this is an excellent value sprayer for the DIYer who needs a sprayer that can get the job done, without breaking the bank. While their are better (and more expensive airless sprayers) out their the Campbell Hausfeld Airless Sprayers 25 foot hose, quiet compressor, 5 gallon bucket  lifetime warranty and ¾ horsepower motor really make this unit shine.


Product Overview:

Have you been looking for a heavy duty and powerful sprayer that can get the job done? Look no further than the Graco Ultra 395 Stand Electric Airless Sprayer. This sprayer is ideal for the painting contractor who needs a reliable and long-lasting sprayer that has a solid warranty. The unit is also built with a steel frame and an easily replaceable pump, due to Graco’s pump replacement system, this helps increase the longevity of the tool. Due to the reliability of the patented Endurance™ pump this unit has also been said to last longer than other leading manufacturers.

In addition to all those great features the spray gun includes Graco’s QuikAccess™ intake valve. This valve makes clearing debris and cleaning the sprayer a breeze. Paired with a SmartControl™ pressure control system that can help the professional painter achieve a more consistent spray.

If you have concerns about power, don’t fret this unit has a ⅞ TEFC DC motor which can reach pressures up to 3300 PSI. Which should be more than enough for the professional painter. Last but not least, this airless sprayer comes with a contractor gun, LTX517 Tip, and a 50’ Bluemax hose. Making the Graco Ultra 395 Stand Electric Airless Sprayer a great addition to the contractors or professional painters tool kit.


In conclusion, having the best airless paint sprayer possible can make all of your paint jobs easier and more professional. With all the options on the market, from the budget options to professional level machines it can be confusing for many and some may jump to the conclusion that airless paint sprayers are to costly for them to purchase in comparison to a traditional paint sprayer.

The best airless paint sprayers aren’t the specialized tool that some people assume they are. They are in fact a versatile tool that can help you with all kinds of paint projects. We hope this list and buyers guide helps you find the airless sprayer that’s right for you.

If you’re looking for something powerful, versatile, and within a reasonable budget range, we recommend the Graco Magnum 257025. It’s perfect for a professional or a DIYer and can handle any job, big or small.

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