Accubrush MX Paint Edger XT Tool Kit 2021 (Review)

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Introduction: Accubrush MX Paint Edger

“The Accubrush MX Paint Edger and Accubrush MX XT are worthwhile tool kits to purchase as a replacement to painters tape.”

Have you ever painted a wall and wondered how professional painters achieve those perfect edges and lines around those tight corners and spaces?

They traditionally uses a technique called “cutting in”. This is a practice in which the painter will apply paint to the corners ahead of painting the rest of the wall. If you are like most painters, you typically hope that your masking job done with painters tape will allow you to skip this step. Unfortunately, most of the times you thought wrong.

You could keep on using painters tape, but if you are reading this article, chances are you are already aware a paint edger may help you save some time on your next project. Our team has one product in mind that we have seen come up in many conversations.

Today we will check out the Accubrush MX Paint Edger Kit and Accubrush MX XT Paint Edger Kit and see if it can make painters tape a true thing of the past.


To get things started, we will first outline what the Accubrush paint edger is, how to use it, some pros and cons, as well as a conclusion on where we think it stands . We hope this gives you a better idea as to whether the Accubrush MX Paint Edger and Accubrush MX XT are worthwhile tool kits to purchase as a replacement to painters tape.

What’s a Accubrush?

The Accubrush device is effectively a variant of the paint roller you may be familiar with, except for a couple key difference. For starters, the Accubrush device features a built-in plastic shield and looks like a small paint roller with a narrow roller head. Additionally, the device has a secondary brush set-up attached to the device that looks like it sports some type of nylon bristles. It sits just below the shield and spreads the paint evenly as you paint along the edge of the trim. This secondary paint brush is the overall key to how the Accubrush paint edger works.

Since we’re looking at both the MX Paint Edger and the MX XT Paint Edger Kits, we figured it’d be best to explain the core difference between the two. With the MX package you will get the roller with a couple replacement covers and some other replacement parts. In the MX XT kit you get all the same extras, as well as a tray and a special handle for the roller which allows you to use the tool more easily on ceilings and walls.

Both kits can be found online for a reasonable price and make a great addition to the dedicated painters toolbox.

How to use the Accubrush

When using the Accubrush, regardless of kit, treat it like a standard roller but make sure not to overload it with paint. As with any foam roller, if you add to much paint to it, you can add layers that are too thick. These thick layers along the trim and molding will look off when the rest of the room has been painted. With that being said, some reviews have noted that this paint edger pay applies paint too thinly, so make sure to monitor your work.

Moreover, due to the thin paint application, if you are trying to paint over a dark wall color and your project demands perfection, then you may have to apply a couple layers. This could arguably be more difficult than using painters tape depending on the situation, so you will have to gauge based on your personal needs.

Despite this, the Accubrush still remains a great device if you are looking to paint a room quicker and don’t want to deal with the hassle of laying down painters tape.

Accubrush MX Paint Edger Kit

Product Overview

This paint edger has been on the market for awhile now and has become one of the better known brands. This device is slightly different than your standard paint edger, featuring a secondary brush and a shield that are supposed to evenly apply paint along the edge of trim, molding and floorboards.

While some users online note that this tool can be more of a hassle then just applying painters tape, it may arguably be quicker to use this edger. Despite this, if you are trying to achieve a fine quality finish, you are probably better off taking the time to apply painters tape. That is, unless you want to wait to apply multiple coats of paints.

Overall, this is a specialized tool, so make sure you know what you are after before making a decision and purchasing this tool.


  • Comes with a range of replacement parts making this roller last
  • Replacement parts are easily found online
  • Includes an grippy handle that makes this good for the job site
  • It’s back-up brush ensures that you do not apply your edging paint too thick.


  • This paint edger is more expensive than painters tape, and replacement parts can be costly
  • The roller may require you to do a couple paint coats if you are covering a dark wall
  • Their are some new competitors that may be a better fit for your painting needs

Accubrush MX XT Paint Edger Kit

Key Difference

The main difference between this kit and the standard MX paint edger is the extras the kit comes with. The MX XT Kit comes with a range of additional parts including a paint tray and a special handle. The special handle gives you the ability to attach an extendable handle to apply the roller to ceiling and walls with ease.

Unless you require this feature and the additional replacement parts, you are probably best of with the standard kit.


The Accubrush is an interesting device for replacing the need for painters tape, but with that being said, it was hard to get past some of it’s downsides. While the tool may make it easier to trim the edges and get them ready for the rest of your paint job, it also makes the job more complex.

For starters, if you apply too much paint to the roller, you may get drips and a thick application. But if you apply too little paint, then you are faced with having to apply multiple coats. This is a major downside for the painter who may have multiple jobs to complete in one day.

Ultimately, you will have to decide whether this tool is right for you. To do so, make sure you read the product description, check out product reviews and reference this article when making your purchase.

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