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We created Toolbox Advice to help provide the homeowner, DIYer and professional contractor with the knowledge and insights to find and buy the best tools possible.

Who can benefit from Toolbox Advice?

We are here to help those who are looking for only the best tool reviews and DIY resources online. There is a lot out there and it can be tough to find all the right information you need to make a proper purchasing decision. Our product reviews and guides seek to help inform you so you can feel like you have made the best choice possible. We take a look at tools ranging from paint sprayers and sanders to wood planers and more, so you can trust we will have an article for you.

Our team seeks to remove bias and opinionated content from our reviews providing the facts, compiled via thorough online research and aggregation of feedback from real product users.

Our team

Glen our team editor

Glen Wright

Editor - Founder

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Glen began writing about tools as a hobby and as way to document his own experiences, having worked on many painting projects. He’s bought his fair share of bad tools and wants to help others avoid his mistakes. That’s why he began this site!

How our website makes money

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What this means is that if we review a product and provide a link for it within the article to Amazon, we will receive a small commission if you ultimately go on to purchase the product. You can find out more about this program with a quick search.

We find this affiliate program provided by amazon allows us to provide unbiased and well structured reviews as we are not incentivized by any individual product owner. With that being said from time to time we may work with individual companies to help promote their products.

With no exceptions do we accept money for favourable reviews or selective commentary.